17 Nov 2016

It is said; “Education is for life and not for mere living.” Of all the branches of education, spiritual education is the true education. In comparison, spiritual education is the ocean while the other branches of education are like the rivers. When rivers go and merge in the ocean, they acquire the depth and glory of the unfathomable ocean. Similarly when all forms of education blend and merge with spiritual education, they acquire the form and grandeur of the ocean of wisdom. When our education is combined with penance (tapas), then the blossoming of our heart and the ennobling of our ideas will occur naturally. Tapas does not mean that we should give up everything and go to the forest. Tapas is one, through which, we can harmonise our thought, word and deed with each other. When such a sacred type of education is given along with proper culture, great and noble ideas will blossom from within us.
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