Sai Leela- 13

sai mylapore

I was at Seva last Tuesday 4th Oct 16 at our Sai centre and a devotee came in up looking for a book which she had seen on the previous Thursday after the bhajan session. It was a book on Power of Thought. She showed us the picture of the book. It was a black and white book. We tried to search for the book and soon realized that it was a photo copy of the original book that someone must have placed at Swamis feet at the altar for blessings. There was no such book for sale at our book counter. She then proceeded to the altar to pray for a while and then stepped out to leave. As soon as she left the main door; something prompted her to turn behind and she started conversing with u. She was mentioning how her father was in Whitefield and was blessed with many close darshans of Swami.

Then she proceeded to tell us she was not very much into Sai; but when she went to Dubai; a good friend of hers introduced her to Shirdi Sai and she started developing faith towards that form. Then later another friend of hers kept insisting her that her very own neighbours were great Sai devotees and that she should visit the Miracle home. Soon this lady was at her neighbour’s place to see that both Sais were being worshipped with so much devotion and love. She also mentioned that as she had moved from Dubai to Singapore; she found a sudden vacuum as she was missing the Sai activities. I just enquired about the friends who had introduced her to Sai in Dubai and when I heard I was in for a pleasant surprise. The lady who had introduced her to Shirdi Sai was our family friend of two decades and her neighbours were the very devotees who inspired us to start the Shirdi Sai parayan here in Singapore. She was so happy that she had spoken to me and that Swami had heard her prayers


She remembered the message she had seen at Swamis feet on Thursday; which said “you are not alone; I am always with you” and that Tuesday she came in when I was at duty and it seems she usually never talks to anybody; but that day something pulled her back to speak to me and she was so touched that I know the friends who introduced her to Sai; now she’s found her Sai friends and activities and wants to start attending Sai functions at our place.

What mercy; what love??? Where has He gone?? He’s right here with us always. Amazing are His ways.


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