Lalita sahasranama chanting Parayan Navratri 2016

It is indeed the grace of the divine mother that we were able to accomplish the 10 days of Lalita sahasranama chanting twice daily this year as well. We are a blessed group who started with just 2/3 members way back in 1998 and now we are a strong united group of about 30. We have weekly chanting throughout the year except for a break of a month or so. The Navratri chanting started about 8 years back in 2008. Every member gets to host a chanting session at their place. The divine vibrations with group chanting full of love, devotion and team work makes the Navratri festival indeed divine and blissful for all of us, our families as well as the community. We are grateful to the Divine Mother who has blessed this group and hope that we continue invoking Her like this for years to come.

A glimpse of Navratri 2016

Day 1 Pratama- Morning and evening


Day 2 Dwitiya Morn/ Eve


Day 3 Tritiya Morn/Eve


Day 4 Chaturthi Morn/Eve


Day 5 Panchami Morn/Eve


Day 6 Shashti Morn/Eve


Day 7 Saptami Morn/Eve


Day 8 Ashtami Morn/Eve


Day 9 Ashtami/Navami




Day 10 Navami/Dashami


Blessed Navrati 2016 chanting


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