Bhaja Govindam- Verse 10- Meaning and Thoughts

Verse 10

Vayasi Gate Kah Kamavikarah

Suske Nire Kah Kasarah

Ksine Vitte Kah Parivaro

Jnate Tattve Kah Samsara.



When the age (youthfulness) has passed, where is lust and its play?  When water is evaporated (dried up), where is the lake? When the wealth is reduced, where is the retinue?  When the Truth is realized, where is the samsara?


  • The cause of all our sorrow is ignorance.  If we remove the cause, the effect is gone and we are no longer in samsara (bondage).  What we are doing today is fighting the effect without removing the cause. By doing this, we may change something for a while but it will come up again.
  • Whenever we are unhappy, it is because knowledge is not fulfilled. Until we are established in the Truth, we will be fluctuating between joy and sorrow. When sorrow happens, anchor yourself to knowledge to come out of it. See the same situation through the eyes of knowledge, the vision of Vedanta and the perception will change and the sorrow will disappear.

Thoughts as learnt from my Master

The worldly things are temporary. It is not the Truth. What we experience daily is the relative truth. That is the cause of our ups and downs; joys and sorrows. This is because it is not permanent. Once we realise the Truth which is permanent; that we are the Brahman then the samsara will not affect us. This can be achieved only when we contemplate and look within ourselves and be guided to the real self.


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