15 Sept 2016

Banyan trees are big with many branches and sub-branches. But its seed is so very small, like a mustard seed. Is it the truth that such a big tree is contained in such a tiny seed or is it just our illusion? We know it is a truth. The seed is in the infinitesimal form and when we put it in the earth, feed and nourish it, it sprouts, grows and becomes big. The fruit, flowers and the leaves – all come out of this tiny seed. In the same manner, in this body of ours, there is an infinitesimally small seed called the Atma. If we give it nourishment, and let it grow and prosper, then it will show the Divine form of the universe. But where should we put this seed, how do we protect it and promote it to grow into a big tree? In the soil of our heart, if we can put the seed of God’s name, and foster it with the water of love, it will sprout into a good tree. Love is the nourishment it needs.

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