Sri Sathya Sai Pandurang Kshetra- Hadshi


It was indeed our great fortune that we were able to visit this little quaint village of Hadshi near Pune, Maharashtra, India this August.

The journey from Pune city to Hadshi is about 50km; 1.5hrs journey by road. The roads were overall good except for a bad patch of about 5/6 km near the small villages. The slight inconveniences of the journey were more than compensated by the mere glance at Mother Nature surrounding this place. Mountains and greenery; more than ever so with the gentle showers at that time. As we reached near the Sai Panduraga temple; the serenity was spellbinding.


At the entrance of the premises is a small canteen offering tea and some simple snacks. As we move up to the precincts  first to greet us is the small Ganesha temple and as we climb up a few steps there is a beautiful stupa and a stretch of fountains above which is the beautiful Panduranga temple. Such peace and bliss fills this place. It was inaugurated by Swami in Oct 2009.


The light sounds of the Marathi Abhangs (bhajans) played there reverberates in the area. The true connection with Nature and God can be felt here. Just below this temple is the Sai mandir; again very peaceful and filled with divine vibrations.


It is a must visit place to experience inner peace and joy.

Thank You dear Lord for blessing us with this beautiful opportunity


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