1 Sept 2016

Neither sorrow nor pleasure can ever be permanent for anyone. All that we do, good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly, will produce results. So it is necessary for us to do good so that the consequences will also be good. When a child is born out of a mother’s womb, the infant does not come out with a garland or a gold chain. However the child does come out with its invisible chain of ‘Karma’ – the result of all the actions (karma) that one has done in their previous births. But that ornament is invisible. To help us live this life well and in order to not have a chain of bad reactions around our neck when we are born in our next life, it is necessary for us to recognise, as a primary lesson, that we should do good deeds in our daily lives. Hence one must practice, ‘Do good, Be good, and See good.’

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