28 July 2016

Everyone must develop the spirit of sacrifice (tyaga).One must serve the needy and must cherish good and noble thoughts in our minds. At least some part of our wealth must be used for supporting educational and other institutions to help the people. One must give food to the starving. This is the way to lead a purposeful and sublime life. Life has been given to us not only to take care of ourselves and family alone.  The body is the basic instrument for the practice of righteousness (Dharma). One must dedicate some quality time to service and for the proper discharge of our duties. God alone can transform our spiritual efforts into a transcendental experience. God is omnipresent; He is everywhere and within us. We are all Divine! We must ensure that our spiritual practices (Sadhana) are not only for us but it must also promote the good of others. By cultivating selfless love for others, we will experience Sakshatkara, the vision of the Divine from within us.


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