Tapovanam Parayan- 2016 Part 1

By the immense grace of Lord Sai; after being able to offer 9 plus 1 Tapovanam Parayans for His 90th birthday on 23rd Nov 2015; we Sai family in Singapore were inspired to perform more such parayans. The sankalpa is to perform 100 such parayans with His grace to offer for His 100th birthday i.e in 10 years time. With His abundant mercy; we got the help of our dear Sai family and have completed 5 parayans since the start of this year. Sharing the glimpses of those below.

  1. 10 March 2016

At Sis Lakshmi’s place

Mar 2016 Tapovanam Lakshmi

Sis lakshmi is a devout Devi bhakta and sees Swami as the Divine Mother. She was feeling indeed blessed to host the parayan at her place after she had beautiful experience of Tapovanam some months before at another sisiter’s place.

2. 24 March 2016

Sis Jeya’s residence

Jeya 2

In sis Jeya’s words

I was longing to have the Tapovanam Parayan at our place. Swami blessed us with this opportunity on 24th March 2016. It was indeed Divine and wonderful. Sai sisters participated in this parayan and made it blissful. My sincere thanks to dear Swami.

3. 12 May 2016

Sis Visala ‘s place

12 May 2016 Visala

This was the second time that the parayan was held at Sis visala’s place. Divine vibrations filled the place. A blissful session indeed.

4. 22 May 2016

Sis Sudha and Bro Ram

May 2016 Sudha Ram

With Swami’s inspiration and guidance, We performed one-day complete parayanam of our beloved SWAMI Bhagawan Shri Satya Sai Baba on 22nd May 2016..We started with a few slokas, Gayatri, Sai Gayatri and Vedic chants at 8AM for opening prayers and proceeded with SAI Ashtotram and then started reading Tapovanam by 8.40AM..

Many friends from our SAI Centre and our Veda chanting groups took turns to read and listen to. While we projected the English version on the screen, devotees took turns to read chapters in languages of their comfort – English, Tamizh, Hindi and Gujarati.Every chapter was closed with a Sai Gayatri and jaikar for Swami.

The session went unhindered and seamless compared to the number of hitches & snags the previous night when we were setting up the microphones, speakers and the projector. We faced complete power outage while setting up the last one being at 4am..  But as in the case of any Sai prayer event, the number of hiccups we face before the beginning of the event is directly proportional to the degree of success of the event itself. Therefore, we seldom worried while facing these snags. We knew that our loving lord would eventually set right everything by 8AM when we actually start. Needless to say the entire parayanam event went through as though we had practiced and mastered the sequence of proceedings thoroughly.Thanks to sis.Nandini who inspired us to take up this prayer session. The way how SWAMI guided us through Sis.Nandini was in itself a very amusing leela.

Koti Pranams to our dear SWAMI for making us available as well as capable. He is the ONE and we all are zeros after him. With HIM in front of us, we – the zeroes gain considerable value. Without HIM in front of us, we remain mere zeroes… Thanks to SWAMI for relentlessly and constantly endeavoring to enrich our everyday lives by associating us with bhaktas and by bestowing on us divine experiences to cherish until HE gets back to us with yet another nice new SAI endeavour.
5. 12 June 2016

Sis Jyoti 

jyoti 2

Having the Tapovanam Parayan at our place was a very uplifting experience.

Generally, we are all very tied up in our work and our individual commitments. Having the Tapovanam Parayan, brought about a lot of family unity because it felt like we were having a festive season. All of us family members along with friends were geared towards successful fulfillment of the Parayan.

The icing on the cake was to have so many devotees come over to chant the name of the Lord and listen to His leelas. The event went by beautifully and we all felt the nearness to Swami during the period and even after it whenever we recall the experiences.

We thank Swami from the bottom of our hearts for showering us with this opportunity.

Thank You dearest Lord for inspiring and guiding us always. We are indeed very blessed and fortunate to be able to sing your glory and please bless us to accomplish our sankalpa of 100 parayans by Your centenary celebrations.

Koti Koti Pranams ato Your divine lotus feet..



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