07 July 2016

Tongue plays a significant role in our body. It caters to our tasting and talking needs. Both of these activities are important. But we have to use restraint while using this organ. When one caters to all the whims of the tongue; one ends up eating a lot of stuff which may not be necessarily good for the health and  regarding talking also if it is let lose; we end up facing a lot of problems for us as well as others. When the tongue craves to unnecessarily talk; one must keep in mind to talk little, talk sweetly and talk only to those to whom we must; and not shout or raise the voice in anger or excitement. Such control will improve our health and mental peace. It will lead to better relations with people and less involvement in contacts and conflicts with others. It will conserve our time and energy; which we can be put to much better use.
Story of the week

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