Datta, Swami Samarth and Sai



For the past few months; I have been surrounded with either some picture or books or people related to Datta lineage. I have spent most of my early life in Mumbai, India and have heard about Swami Samarth; though I never tried to know more or understand about him better.


As mentioned in many of my earlier posts related to Sai Baba; till the beginning of the year 2012; I had nothing much to do with any Gurus or Masters except my Divine Master Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. After His Mahasamadhi in 2011; He has been leading me to some path which is slowly revealing itself to me. It was in 2012 Jan when Shirdi baba entered our lives in a big way.


Once the Shirdi statue became the main deity of our altar; Dattatreya soon followed. I was soon prompted to read the Sai Satcharita and by His grace the first visit to Shirdi was in 2014. At that time I just picked up a book ‘Guru Charita’ from a shop in Shirdi (as I had read about it in the Sai satcharita). After I was back from the Shirdi trip; I tried reading the Guru Charita; without much success. The book didn’t capture my interest. I just put it back on to the book shelf.


Sometime in 2015; I had a dream of Swami Samarth for the first time. I didn’t realise who He was. I just took it His blessings and as I stepped out I could see a huge Shirdi Sai temple. The next morning when I was trying to find out who was this great personage I realised that it was Swami Samarth. I was happy with His darshan.


Then around April of 2016; as I was arranging the books in our library; I chanced to see the ‘Guru charita’ again. Something prompted me to read it and I soon started reading it. It was very interesting and I came to know that Swami Samarth was the 3rd Avatar of Dattatreya. Then I started reading about the previous 2 avatars namely Sripada Srivallabha and Narasimha Saraswati. Within a few days I saw a Guruji near our area and soon realised that he has been coming regularly to some devotee’s place nearby. I happened to see him 2/3 times during his course of visit. He was on a private visit. I didn’t know who he was until someone presented his cd to me and I read his name as Swami Ganapati Satchitananda. The name sounded familiar and I began surfing the web right away to know more about him. Wonder of wonders; he was from Datta lineage and has built several Datta temples in India.

During this period I came to know about an interesting program in an Indian TV channel titled; ‘Mann main vishwaas hai’ which telecast real life stories of devotees on their faith to their chosen deities. Again when I started watching those serials I happened to see devotees of datta and Swami Samarth. During our Penang visit we watched the episode on devotees experience with Swami samartha and also started reading a little about Him in the net. The very next day we visited the Shirdi Sai temple in Penang and while waiting in the Prasad queue my eyes just reached out to a book on Swami Samarth. It was His biography. I had never ever seen a book on Him before this. It was like a strong calling to know more about this great saint. Needless to say I purchased the book and got it consecrated at the Lotus feet of dear Sai and have started reading the glory of yet another avatar of Lord Dattatreya.

ss 1


Samarth Sadguru Sainaath maharaj Ki Jai





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