Sai Centre- Penang

With the immense grace of Lord Sai we were able to visit yet another Sai centre closer to home this time at Penang in Malaysia. As was our usual practice I started looking out for any Sai centres at Penang before we left Singapore for a short break.

I had heard of a popular centre (experiencing a lot of miracles) in Penang and was trying to locate the address through the websites. It was the centre at Gelugor . I tried to contact through the given addresses but without any success. I left it to my Master to decide if we have to visit the centre.

After we landed at Penang and were on the way to our hotel in a cab; after about 10 minutes of the drive I just turned towards my left and was awestruck to see a huge picture of my Divine Master on a random old building; pasted on a window. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so thankful to the Lord; for being there even before we arrived.


(Last row -2nd block from left)

It was indeed His grace I turned at the right time and within split of second saw this picture as the car sped by. I was thankful to my dear Lord.

Next day as I completing my Sai Satcharita parayan saptaha; and reading the 46th Chapter ‘Baba’s Gaya Trip; which describes Baba’s all pervasiveness; where when Nanasaheb and Kaka Dixit had requested Sai to attend their family function; He blessed them saying; Take Shama with you all “After doing Benares and Prayag; we would be ahead of Shama” and indeed He was there in His picture form after Shama’s Benares trip at Gaya. It was as if that very Sai indicating; ‘Yes indeed; you asked Me to accompany you and I was already there to receive you’. That is the love of my Divine Master. Soon within the next few minutes we crossed the Sai centre (the one we intended visiting) and planned to visit that centre on Thursday.


After reaching the hotel; I tried contacting many of the other devotees to know about the exact location and timings of the centre. After desperate tries; finally we got contact of a Sai brother who was very helpful and asked us to visit the centre on Thursday morning.


We were blessed to visit the centre on Thursday morning. The main altar at the centre is shown above.

Below is the inner sanctorum where the brother asked us to meditate for a while. It was very peaceful and divine.


After taking prasadam and the holy darshan we profusely thanked the Sai brother for specially coming over only for us despite his hectic schedule and even offering to drop us back.

This is the love we have experienced in the Sai family whichever part of the globe we visit.

Thanks dearest Lord for Your blessings.






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