Tribute to the Divine Master on 5th Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam

sai samadhi

It is this time of the year again reminding us of the physical separation of our Divine Master 5 years ago. Yes, we do miss that benevolent smile, that floating gait and the divine aura filled with pure selfless love but now we find His energy and presence more than ever before. Before we used to take His physical darshan for granted and didn’t treasure it as much as we should have. But once that physical presence left us; we had a deep vacuum and we had to look within ourselves to see Him; to connect to Him. It was not easy for many; but the more pining and yearning we had for Him; the more He guided us and gave us instant answers. This has been the experience of many devotees. For us it was for sure; as seen in the way He has been pouring His mercy on us to get more and more involved in selfless seva.

Our team of sisters in Singapore as well as some from US and India; were inspired and guided by the Swami ‘within’ to serve; by promoting the human values through the blogs in various languages and reach out through the social media to many readers throughout the globe. This Saibalsanskaar team is now blessed by the Lord to launch one more language blog on this Aradhana day 24 Apr 2016 and that is the language of the Gods- ‘Sanskrit’. ( Though we never thought about it initially; since there are not many readers and it is not a commonly spoken language; perhaps it is Swami’s way to revive this mother of all languages through these simple stories reaching out to many beginners and others who may develop interest in the language through these stories. Also on this day we offer the book of 54 stories of Marathi (Naitik gosht )and Gujarati (Balvihar) at the divine Sai Sannidhi.

The Master planner has many plans for this translation team and one of which was the involvement of this team in Vidya Vahini and this came to light during the 90th birthday celebrations in Nov of 2015. When the team came to know that they would be a part of this noble cause; their joy knew no bounds. Though none of us are computer savvy; all the sisters learnt the google input and basic IT skills. Now they are all empowered and are working enthusiastically on the first project of Vidya Vahini Some have even completed the first assignment of working with 8 workbooks within 6 months. All this has been possible only because of the Divine Master’s grace and the team members’ love for Swami. The individual teams express their gratitude to their beloved Master on this day.

vidya vahini

  1. Team Tamil- Sis Ranjini/ Sis Saraswati (Sg/Sg)

We are indeed blessed to be part of the Vidya Vahini project. Two years back, when we were approached for translating human value stories from English to Tamil, it came in as a beautiful opportunity. Though we knew it was Swami’s work, how well would be able to contribute was the thought. We decided to put in our best and a few months later, we were told that something more was there in store for us. Swami has some bigger plans was the constant feeling. Soon we realised that Swami has been preparing us for the past two years for this wonderful opportunity Vidya Vahini. Now we have more confidence and our quality of writing has also improved. Practice makes perfection. We have no words to express our gratitude to Swami. We thank everyone in the Vidya Vahini team for making this happen. Together Everyone Achieves More and precisely that is what the team has done for us.

V- Valuable guidance I- Immense effort D-Divine Y-Yearn to succeed A-Adaptability

V-Virtuous A-Authentic, H– Harmonious, I– Innovative, N- Nurturing, I– Integrity

2.  Team Telugu- Sis Prashanti/Sis Visala/Sis Pooja/Sis Kala/Sis Lakshmi (US/Sg/Sg/US/Sg)

Sis Prashanti

If there is one area that particularly inspired me to do service, out of all the tasks taken up by Swami as part of his Divine mission atleast in terms of feasibility and flexibility is: Vidya -VIDYA: Values Integration for Developing Young Adults . Always wondered and wished if this ‘value based program’ could ever be integrated into curriculum of regular schools so that not only Bal Vikas kids belonging to families aware of Swami but also other kids could benefit from it.

Thank you Swami for making this dream come true by blessing Vidya Vahini project during 85th birthday celebrations in 2010. Couldn’t stop the inner urge that was pushing me to be part of the Vidya Vahini Team. By Swami’s grace this deep yearning fructified and I was part of the Vidya Vahini team on Nov 19th Ladies Day 2015. Only Swami can bring out such unity and make sure quality is not compromised irrespective of diversity. Our Telugu team itself consists of members from Singapore, USA and India. Most of us didn’t even meet each other in person. Still we came together with Swami’s grace and bonded as a strong loving Sai family. We are thoroughly enjoying the work gets done silently amidst, warmth and words of encouragement

Humble Pranams at thy Lotus feet

Sis Pooja

This is a real Vibhoothi of Swami. Sitting comfortably at home, we are able to contribute our small bit to the mission that has been the vision of Swami. The journey had been a great blessing and the team members are even a bigger blessing. Feel like a part of big loving Sai family, as though we are doing it for our own family members. Grateful to our dearest Swami and the entire team.

Sis Visala

Swami, I recognized the importance of learning process in each step of life. I thought we were doing translation work but later I understood it’s Your master plan to give us a chance for Seva and through that teach us valuable lessons in life.

Team Bengali- Sis Sinchita (Sg)

Vidhya Vahini is an excellent platform which helps to inculcate the moral education in children. I offer my heartfelt thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this noble cause and engage in a seva through which the right thoughts and values are instilled in children and help them grow into better human beings.  

Team Gujarati- Sis Jyoti/Sis Ila (Sg/Sg)

Sis Jyoti

My humble Pranams at the Lotus Feet of Beloved Swami.
By Swami’s Grace I am a part of the Vidhya Vahini translation team. It is his abundant grace that I was given this opportunity to serve Him through the translation seva.

For me, it is a dream come true for me to be chosen to serve in His Divine Mission in this way. Now the effort has to come from our side so we can experience more Grace. I am glad that I am able to contribute meaningfully for His cause and also thank Swami that my family and friends have been most supportive.
Thank you so much Swami for using me as an instrument in Your Divine Work.

Team Kannada- Sis Vasanti (Sg)

My humble pranams at The Lotus Feet Of Beloved Swami. I feel blessed to be a part of this team doing the translation Seva for vidhya vahini. At first I was very apprehensive to take up the translation, but all sisters and brothers in the team encouraged me to take it up and they have been so helpful, In fact I have benefited a lot because it was a learning process for me too. Thank you Swami for putting all of us together as team, we pray “Swami shower your divine grace and blessings on all of us so that we can continue to contribute”.

Team Odiya- Sis Sangeeta/Prashanti (India/Sg)

Sis Sangeeta

My mother was in the ICU when I saw a WhatsApp message about volunteer requirement for Vidya Vahini translation work. However, my focus was completely on my sick mother and I thought to myself, “Ok! Let it go this time. If Baba wants me to be a part of this, He will make arrangements as He sees fit“

After few days my mother passed away. I was in total loss and my mental agony was unbearable. I wanted to gather myself and resume my life, so I prayed fervently to Baba to rescue me from this distress. And by His divine grace at the right opportune moment I was part of the Vidya Vahini team.

I surrender to You, Swami.


Dearest Swami

Please accept the above humble offering of tributes from all our teams.

Thank You dearest Lord for making us Your humble instruments and always guiding us and leading us towards our spiritual goal through selfless service. We pray to You to always bless us thus and never let us swerve from this path of seva.

Anyatha Sharanam Naasti Twameva Sharanam Mama, Tasmat Karunya Bhavena Raksha Raksha Sayeeshwara’.


Love You dearest Lord.



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