Sai Satcharita Parayan 2016

By the divine grace we have been able to conduct the one day parayan of Sri Sai Satcharita for a consecutive 3 years at our place. The 3rd parayan was held on the auspicious occasion of Sri Rama Navami on 15th April 2016

Before I begin to describe that day’s happenings; I would like to share a few instances which happened since January of this year. Around mid of January a prompting from within came to offer 100 parayans to Baba on His centenary Samadhi day in Oct 2018. I shared this thought with some of the bhaktas and a proposal to involve interested people to complete the Sai Satcharita Parayan on their own through either saptaha reading (completing in a week) or reading daily 1 chapter and completing in about 50 days or any one day parayan came about. I was thinking that if we have 30 people and if each complete atleast 1 round of parayan in the next 3 years plus other 10 ‘one day’ parayans we can accomplish 100 in 3 years with His grace. Within a day or 2 of this thought coming up, about 30 people showed keen interest and today (within 4 months) we have already completed 32 parayans. It just showed that how limited thinking we humans can have; the Divine’s plan is incomprehensible. We are just His mere instruments and simply take the onus of ‘doership.’


We were planning to travel to North India during the Good Friday break. Before traveling I was reading my daily chapter of Satcharita. During one such day, as I was reading one of the chapters; a sudden desire or urge to visit Shirdi came to mind. I thought it would be good to have Baba’s darshan before the yearly Rama Navami parayan. But I brushed off the thought that we had already planned for traveling to the North and going to Mumbai would be a digression and quite difficult. I convinced myself that while visiting Delhi I would have good darshan at the Lodhi road temple there. This matter was then forgotten. One Tuesday as I was visiting the Sai centre for Seva; my husband called me up to confirm the program since he had to get the tickets issued and he said we could extend 2/3 days more if I wished and quickly drop by in Chennai for the weekend if I desired. I just looked at Swami’s picture at our centre and He seemed to tell me; “you fool; don’t you understand that the two days have been given to you for going to Shirdi?” I just told my feeling to my husband and asked if it would be possible for us to go to Shirdi instead of Chennai and I was taken aback when he said; ‘I thought of the same thing exactly; but since you said you are happy with the Lodhi road temple; I didn’t propose that idea.” So, now it was a no brainer. Tickets were booked first to Mumbai to have Baba’s darshan before proceeding with the rest of our trip. Since the moment we landed in Mumbai we were greeted with His pictures at every place and we had an excellent evening darshan and morning kakkad arati at Shirdi. We were filled with so much joy and bliss at having the divine darshan. We also got a blessed shawl from Shirdi which was given a ‘designer touch’ if you may; with having it adorned with beaded lace for the special occasion of parayan at our place. We had a nice trip to North visiting the Golden temple and on our way back we had beautiful madhyan arati and darshan at the Lodhi road temple. So the India trip commenced and concluded with Sai’s darshan.


Charged with divine energy we came back to enthusiastically have the Sai parayan on the auspicious Rama Navami day. It was the first day of our new year as well. The program started in the morning at 5.30am with kakkad arati followed by abhishekam for Baba with the chanting of Vishnu Sahasranama and then the reading commenced and concluded with ashtotram and Dhoop arati at 6.30pm.


Devotees flowed in from morning till about 8.30pm. From children to old people; many of them got opportunity to read a chapter and they were filled with bliss. Each got their message through the chapter they read.



Many people are inspired to do this parayan at their places and I am sure Baba has planted this seed in them and He will help them conduct many such parayans at their places and spread His glory more and more.

Thanks to the Divine Master for guiding us and helping us perform this parayan. May He bless all with His abundant grace.

Samastha Lokaha Sukhino Bhavantu

Samarth Sadguru Sainaath Maharaj Ki Jai



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