14 April 2016

Wishing all of you a wonderful, blessed and peaceful Durmukhi varsham. Iniya Puthandu vaazhtukkal for a happy Tamil New year, Vishu Ashamshakal for the Malyalam New Year, Baisakhi for Punjabi new year and Pohela Boishakh wishes for Bengali New year.
The Geetha says: Shraddhavan labhate jnanam (The persevering seeker secures wisdom). This means that without perseverance and earnestness, no success can be achieved. One must develop interest and devote attention to the path shown by the great Masters and to the knowledge taught by scriptures. If we have no earnestness (shraddha) we cannot achieve anything, despite our worldly qualifications. Despite ages of evolution and considerable progress in scientific knowledge, people are unable to make significant progress towards the Divine because of absence of strenuous striving in the spiritual sphere. Study of the scriptures and reciting God’s names may be good acts in themselves. But if there is no love for God from within, which is the basis of all sadhana (spiritual discipline), any amount of recitation, listening or reading of scriptures are not of much use.
Story of the week

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