7 April 2016


Wishing all dear members a very blessed, peaceful and happy Ugadi, Gudipadva, Puthandu and Vishu in advance
Human life by itself is very sacred. But it becomes good or bad according to the company with which it is associated. When one keeps iron in dust, it gets rusted. But when the same iron is put in fire, it gets rid of its rust, becomes soft, and starts shining. Particles of dust rise up in the sky in the company of wind but fall down into gutter when they are associated with rainwater. The dust particles do not have wings to fly up in the sky, nor have they feet to jump down. Both, their rise and their fall happen by the effect of the company. Our good or bad depends upon the type of company we join. Good company makes us sacred and divine. Bad company gives rise to bad feelings and bad thoughts, which prompt us to perform bad deeds. Therefore, it is essential for us to be in good company and develop our humanness.
Story of the week

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