Sai Humor 3- Bro Deepak Anand


sai 1

Another instance that I remember happened on the way to Kodaikanal. We had started from Whitefield after a heavy breakfast and were again served breakfast on the airplane. As we landed in Madurai by 11 a.m. a three course lunch with 22 items awaited us with open arms! And the worst part was that most of these were already served on big Banana leaves while none of us were having an iota of appetite remaining! On top of that the Lord, was surveying the lunch proceedings like an umpire and commenting loudly on the eating performance of His students. I was quite successful in stuffing the hidden and reserved chambers of my stomach, while a boy next to me seemed on the brink of reversing the process. I was all empathy and no help as to whom the Lord wants to give, who can prevent? So the boy cornered all the unfinished stuff to one side of his leaf and closed it in indication of completion of his meal. And lo! The Lord came and stood right in front of him, the District Convener besides him. When the Lord gives, he gives in bountiful and the Lord starting praising the boys about never wasting food. He commented that all the boys considered food as verily God itself and thus never waste even a morsel. Pointing to the boy, now in sweat, the Lord said, “See, this boy has finished al his food”. Saying so, without any premonition, opened the closed section of his leaf to bare it open and lo! There was not even a morsel to be seen inside. I nearly jumped my seat, for I was a close witness to the left-over process morsel by morsel and this could not have been true. As the Lord went forward with a smile of victory and the District convener with a smile of great appreciation, the saw the boy re-opening the leaf, as slowly as how a suspected box is opened by a bomb diffusion squad! And lo! All the leftovers were completely intact! Had my Soul had wings, it would have flown away instantly, but maybe the weight of the food in my body saved the day!

In 2003 convocation drama, I was given the role of a singer saint and as usual, we were permitted to practice on the Poornachandra stage a few days before the final spectacle.  My singing capabilities had been vividly described and unambiguously proven earlier in Kodaikanal and I need not stress upon them any further. As I was miming the opening song, the Lord came and took His seat. After a while, I was summoned close to Him. The Lord looked serious. He first appreciated my singing which I made the grave mistake of acknowledging. That is all! I was now in for Divine prank for the next 15 minutes. The Lord sang the song, “Pibre Ram Rasam” (Dink the nectar of the Lord Rama’s name) Himself beautifully and added a few nuances to the final delivery. All clapped, while I was beginning to feel a sense of uneasiness. The Lord after finishing, asked me to repeat the way He had sung. The pleas of bad throat, need to practice, etc. etc. fell on deaf ears. Notwithstanding that, the Lord again sang with even more nuances which only the most adept in Indian classical singing can. In the midst of the master actor-director’s command and subdued giggles all around, I was again asked to deliver the undeliverable! Knowing that the Lord knew the situation completely and taking it as His command, I now sang. The Lord initially looked at me with a queering glance and then breaking the ice, suddenly burst into a loud laughter, joined merrily by those around! All tension melted in that moment and the Lord sent me back with the comment, “Oh! Recording?” Breath returned to my breast as I resumed my miming and the Lord sat on His chair, singing along. I bowed down mentally a million times to the Director of the Universe, now directing the convocation drama where I was given a small role. These are unforgettable moments with the Lord of Bliss – the Lord of the Universe.

In the next instance I am seated at the corner column in the bhajans Mandir hall. A carpet separates men from the women. I sit here daily, as the Lord, whenever He comes, speaks to me, and for some unknown reason, keeps His feet on mine. The Lord comes today also and notices me from a distance. I stretch my let a little outside to make it available for the Lord to step! The Lord stands with one foot on my feet and then going a step further spots a fat and fair elderly lady by the carpet. Looking back at me, the Lord says, “Bombay doctor, very rich, adopt kar sakta hai” (this rich Bombay doctor is ready to adopt you as her son-in law). Then looking at her, He says, “Good Delhi boy, adopt karo). The Lord then comes close to me and explains in greater detail the benefits of marrying and especially becoming her son-in-law. In the silence of the Bhajan Hall, everyone was greatly enjoying this conversation and where I was the target of His great ‘concern’, I mustered courage and said, “Swami You have already adopted me as Yours”. The reply came as a surprise even to the Lord and looking back to the potential Mother in law, He said, “Mental case, I will find another” showing His right index finger in a circular fashion around His head. Now, the strings of sanctity that were holding the audiences back were loosened and all burst into a roar of laughter, as the ever victorious Lord walked ahead with a smile. I was torn between smiles and a feeling of embarrassment.


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