Solar Eclipse- 9 March 2016

solar eclipse

Tomorrow ie 9th March 2016 there will be partial solar eclipse seen in Singapore and India as well as many other parts of the world.

In Singapore, eclipse will begin at around 7.22am, 10 minutes after sunrise. The point of maximum eclipse will be around 8.23am and the eclipse will end at 9.33am. In India it is expected to start at 05:38:25 in the morning and will approximately last till 06:50:43 in the morning.

The stars affected this time are Punarpoosam(Punartham/punarvasu), Visagam, Pororattathi, Chadayam  and Uthrattathi

Remedy Mantra for removing the ill effects caused by this eclipse

Indro analo Yamo , riksho, varuno vayurevacham, Kubhera, eeso knandu Arka uparaga udhavyathaam mama

Yow sow vajradaro devaha aadityaanaam prabhurmadhaha

Sahasra Nayanah Surya graha peedam vyopohatu

Hindus believe that the cosmic rays that radiate to the earth during the Solar and Lunar eclipses would affect the human beings. They have Mantras to be recited during this period.

The eclipses are divided into three parts, Beginning, Middle and towards the end. Mantras recited during this period will give the thousand fold effect for any Mantra. Any charity performed will yield beneficial results.

It is good to chant the Surya gayatris in the time between the beginning and the middle of Grahan

Surya Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhaskaraya Vidhmahe

Diva karaya Dheemahe

Thanno Surya Prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on the Sun God,

Oh, maker of the day, give me higher intellect,

And let Sun God illuminate my mind.

Om Aswadwajaya Vidhmahe

Pasa Hasthaya Dheemahe

Thanno Surya Prachodayath .

Om, Let me meditate on the god who has a horse flag,

Oh, God who holds the rope, give me higher intellect,

And let Sun God illuminate my mind.

Best recommended prayers are Gayatri chanting, Vishnu or lalita sahasranama, Mrtyumjaya mantra, shiva panchakshari. The persons whose stars are affected usually visit the temple after the eclipse and ritual bath and perform the prayers and offer rice, coconut, black urad dal, fruits and some money to the priest or they can do some charity to the deserving and needy people.

Things to avoid during Grahan.

During the period of grahan no meal should be partaken including water. Have meal only after the ritual bath.

Temples are usually closed during the period of grahan

Puja with rituals  (ritualistic prayers like in temples) should be performed only after the end of grahan time after the ritual bath.

Pregnant women are advised  not to go out

Avoid eating the food which is cooked before Grahan.

To prevent food from getting contaminated just spill some tulsi leaves or keep grass blades (Durva grass) on the food before grahan.

Leave Durva Grass in Water before Grahan and remove them after the event.




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