25 Feb 2016

Whoever one may be, in whatever condition, if one gives no room for despair, if one has no fear at all, and if one remembers the Lord with unshaken faith and without any ulterior motive, all suffering and sorrow will fall away. The Lord will never inquire at any time the caste to which we belong or the precepts or traditions that we follow. Devotion doesn’t consist in merely outward  show of wearing an ochre cloth, organising festivals, performing ritual sacrifices, shaving off the hair, carrying water pot, fasting etc. Instead, the characteristics of devotion are: a pure mind(anthah-karana), uninterrupted (whatever one may be doing) contemplation on God, the feeling that everything is the Lord’s creation, and therefore a) non-attachment to sense objects; b) the embracement of all in equal love; and c) dedication to true speech.
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