11 Feb 2016

A crane walks pretty fast while in water, but while walking, it can’t catch fish; for that purpose, it must become quiet and stand motionless. So also, if we lead our daily lives with greed, anger, and similar qualities, we cannot secure the fish of truth (sathya), dharma, and peace (shanti).Whatever spiritual practice one may be engaged in, one must practise uninterrupted remembrance of the Lord’s Name (nama-smarana). Only then can we master the natural attributes of greed, anger, etc. This is applicable not only for our spiritual progress but for this worldly life as well. All the scriptures (sastras) teach this one lesson: since the Lord is the universal goal and this journey of life has Him as the destination, keep Him constantly in view and subdue the mind so that we do not stray from our chosen path. All the good qualities automatically accumulate with the person who practices control of speech and constant contemplation of the Lord. And while in this journey of life; the name of Lord also bestows us with all the grace and protection. So namasmarana helps both in our material world as well as in our spiritual progress.
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