28 Jan 2016

Without the control of senses, spiritual practices (Sadhana) are ineffective; it is like keeping water in a leaky pot. Pathanjali (the celebrated sage and author of the Yoga Sutras) has said that when tongue is conquered, victory is ours. While the eye, the ear and the nose serve as instruments of knowledge about one particular characteristic of Nature, the tongue makes itself available for two purposes: to judge taste and to utter words – symbols of communication. One must control the tongue with double care, since it can harm us in two ways. Tongue should be trained to eat the right food which gives sustenance and not the one which just caters to the taste. Eating balanced and healthy food will keep us physically fit. Similarly tongue should also control the speech. It should be trained to speak what is useful and not to hurt others and ourselves. This will keep us mentally happy.
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