Cake cutting? Hindu Dharma? Sri Sri answers

Question: Cutting a cake on one’s birthday is not a part of Hindu Dharma (Tradition), then why do we do it?
@Sri Sri Ravi Shankar : See the clothes that you are wearing now, shirt and pants, that is not in Hindu Dharma. The Rishis (saints) and Munis never wore these clothes. The mike that you are holding has also not been made by Hindu Dharma. The Hindu Dharma is vast. It says the whole world belongs to me. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, this whole world is my own. This is what the Hindu Dharma says. Now if the whole world is my family, then if the member of this family likes cutting cake and others also like it and do it, what is wrong with that?
The greatness of Hindu Dharma is that it considers the entire world as its own. Make everyone your own and spread your message to everyone. Whether you wear dhoti or kurta or pants, till the time that you get connected with the Divine, you calling yourself a Hindu means nothing.
Do you eat tomatoes? That is not a part of the Hindu tradition. Do you drink coffee? That is not a part of the Hindu tradition. Tomatoes were brought form outside India. That is why there is no word in Sanskrit for tomatoes. Now does anyone in India eat anything other than potatoes and tomatoes in India?! We have to keep alive our ancient tradition and make everyone your own. We have not done this and that is why we have had to suffer. See Buddhism did not have this problem, and so it reached till China and Japan. At a certain time the Rishis and Munis had spread across to every corner of this Earth. They believed in going according to the time and the place. So they placed importance on two things. One was Shruti, the knowledge of the Vedas, the knowledge that is absolute and cannot be changed. The other was Smriti, which was made according to the place. If you to the south of India, the priests there don’t cover the to half of the body, but if you go to the North of India, they cover their whole body and if you go further north to Nepal, they wear coats and do puja. So these are costumes, outer traditions, rituals. These are all to do with culture, nothing to do with Dharma. Dharma is knowledge..
What you wear or whether you should cut cake or not, these sort of outer behavior, is not what constitutes Dharma. If you go into the depth of Christmas, there is no cake cutting there too.. So in this way, there are different traditions in this world but we should be true to our tradition and make everyone.. Don’t the elders in the family, feel all the small children are theirs, no matter how they are, right? Doing this raises our greatness, it does not diminish it. When you are generous, then your greatness increases.


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