Rewinding 2015- Quick peek- The year that was significantly spiritual

Rewinding 2015- the year that was significantly spiritual

It was an amazing spiritual journey this year experiencing the glory and blessings of my Divine Master and also to meet and hear many other Masters; it was a spiritually charged year indeed

Starting from January to December; capturing the beautiful memories and learning of this awesome year

Early January saw the 3rd anniversary of our dear Baba’s homecoming with blessings coming in on the very day with Prasad from Shirdi


Mid January; another Sai leela with a clear lesson on “When you do My work sincerely; I will shower you with My grace.”

Sai in London in end Jan– Was blessed to visit and attend bhajans at the Sai centre in London.


February saw the unfolding of our first humble tribute of the ‘Tapovanam Parayan’ for the year for the 90th birthday of our beloved Lord

March witnessed listening to the perspective of other gurus; Swami Swaroopananda’’s talk on Mahabharata- The inner war was an eye opener

mahabharat a

Opportunity to hear yet another Master; Guru of Joy- Sri Sri- Knowledge session

sri sri

Sri Rama Navami in March; blessed with Sai Sandhya- experienced bliss- Jugalbandi music and painting; one of its kind


April began with a bang with 2nd Sai Satcharitra Parayan attended by record 45 people and many children reading the holy book with such devotion

April was indeed one of the most blessed month with the Lord showering His umpteen grace for us to be His humble instruments in participating in the kumbabhishekams of 2 Lord Shiva temples in the South of India, one of which was blessed by Sri Shankaracharya; followed by our visits to my favorite ‘Lalita Devi’ temple where we could chant the Lalita Sahasranama in Her divine presence. Most memorable month.


April saw yet another divine musical program by brothers from Prashanti for Swamis 4th Mahasamadhi day.

Month of May; we were blessed to perform the Ekadasha Rudra parayan at our place; felt more happy as we were so full in bliss after visiting many Shiva temples just the previous month.


June was a learning session with yet another teacher Sis Jayanti of the Brahmakumaris.

Glory of Tapovanam revealed just before our 7th Parayanam as an offering to our Master

July– Dedication and showing gratitude to our Guru- our dearest Master- lessons learnt and Guru Purnima Pooja

IMG_7887 divine-master

August– yet another significant month- witnessing the glory of Sai in the US and the blessed opportunity to be part of community VaraMahalakshmi Pooja.

flushing Sai 1

September– 9th Tapovanam offering to the Lord; amply blessed and acknowledged by vibhuti materialisation. Lord is happy

Visit to Sai centre Montreal Canada- “Where are You not My Lord”?


Sharing session of Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini- 19th Sept– Bro Satyajith- Did we know we will be blessed to be part of this noble seva soon??

October the auspicious month of Navaratri. Nine days of chanting and contemplation

Meeting and listening to another Guru of Sri Vidya order

Visiting Guruvayoor and Chottanikara Devi temple- Swami’s presence was there as well

November– The most significant, memorable and blessed month- my Lord’s 90th year of advent beginning with parayan for His previous form and then ladies day and bday celebration ahead of time


Attended the Akhand bhajans at Whitefield- Nostalgic

The most fulfilling and once in a life time opportunity to be at Parthi for the 90th birthday to witness the people from 80 countries congregate irrespective of caste, creed and religion. Heaven on earth. These eyes were indeed blessed to see the Lord arrive majestically on the golden chariot with sun god saluting Him in all his glory. Our 9 gems of humble offering at His divine lotus feet

Meeting my skype BV children at Parthi; visited the awesome Sai Vidya Vahini exhibition


After this recharging of the battery in a spiritual high; blessed to meet and learn from yet another Master Sadhguru at Coimbatore, to offer prayers at the amazing Dhyana Lingam and Ling bhairavi.



December– After experiencing all the bliss throughout the year; amazing opportunity for seva for Chennai relief. Another glory of my Master


Blissful, spiritually charged each month of the year. Thank You dearest Lord for the most wonderful experience of worship, namasmarana, contemplation, satsang, sadhana, learnings of unity in divinity and finally culminating in Seva.

Hoping and looking forward to yet another spiritually charged year. JSR


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