Singapore chapter of Sai glory- Chapter 12- The loving Mother- Our Sai Ma


Sis Gayatri (Sis G) shares her experience as a Seva dal at the Sai centre in Singapore.

Sis G is a good friend of mine who participates regularly for the Narayan seva sessions in our building and also does a lot of other social work inspiring all her other friends to join in service activities. I got acquainted with her when her daughter started the Bal Vikas classes with me and also the Shirdi Sai temple at our house was another major pull for her. After she started attending the Thursday sessions at our place; she came to know more about our dear Swami and soon expressed interest in participating in seva duty at the centre.

Two months ago she started the Seva with His grace. She was very enthusiastically participating in all the activities there along with us on Tuesdays. In the second week she was asked to help out for about 2hrs that Friday morning. In the morning after finishing her home duties she rushed to the centre by 9 am. There were 2 elderly aunties waiting for her there already. As they were not able to physically help out much; sister G was asked to help with the cleaning duty. They welcomed her with love and told her that after finishing her work she could leave by 11 am as she had other duties to attend at home. As she started her duty; she realised that she had forgotten to drink her daily dose of 1 plus litre of water which she required to compulsorily take for her health reasons. But she brushed that off thinking that after her work she would go back home and have it.

She finished her work by 10.30/10.45 am and was about to leave; when the elderly aunties requested for another help. Sis G was more than glad to help out; thinking perhaps they wanted to get another level of the centre to be cleaned. But to her utter surprise and pleasant shock; they requested for something she could never imagine.They told her that there was the water container at the centre which had just about a litre of water or so; which they wanted her to finish off so that it could be replaced by another new one.

What kind of seva was this one?? Sis G was lost for words at this wonderful Sai leela. She had come to serve Him; how could He not know her problem? Will a mother see her child suffering? Such was His love for His child. Sis G was more than happy to finish off the water and thanked the Lord profusely for all His love.

As soon as she was back home; she shared with me this wonderful experience full of joy and gratitude.

Another example of ‘You do My work and I will take care of You”. ‘I will protect you just as the eyelids protects the eyes.”

Thank You  dearest Sai Ma


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