90th Birthday Tribute to the Divine Master by Sai Mahila and Sai balsanskaar team Singapore

Offering at the Divine lotus feet of our dearest Swami

We, our team of Sai Mahila Satsang and the Saibalsanskaar; Singapore; offer our humble tributes at the lotus feet of our Divine Master Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on His 90th birthday.

Dearest Lord; please accept our humble token of love in the form of

  1. 9 Tapovanam Parayans in Singapore in 2015 (plus the first one in Nov 2014)


‘Tapovanam’ (Sri Sathya Sai Satcharita) parayan is the reading of the holy scripture Tapovanam extoling the glory of our beloved Swami. It is usually read as a ‘Saptaha’ (meaning in 7 days); but with His grace we performed the one day parayan and were able to have 10 such sessions in Singapore (2014-15). Both the host as well as the participants have experienced immense bliss through reading of this scripture. The experiences of these beautiful sessions have been shared below











One of the hosts’ thoughts on this;

“It is habitual for all of us to do the Parayanam, with some personal prayer, but when we started the Parayanam as a team, it gave us an opportunity for deep inner transformation because we could feel that each time we did the Parayanam; it was being done for the World Peace and not merely for us.”

  1. 27 Likhita Japam books from our team of Sai sisters

 likhita japa

Likhita Japam is writing of our Lord Sai’s name daily as a sadhana. Once Swami put this idea to us; the number of people wanting to be part of this sadhana was tremendous. Even children showed enthusiasm in this daily writing. Through likhita japam we get our daily dose of written namasmarana; constantly remembering and offering each name at His lotus feet.

  1. From the Saibalsanskaar desk

Image result for saibalsanskaar images

90 stories plus in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi (which were the first languages started on 23rd Nov 2013), 72 plus stories in Gujarati and Marathi; 45 stories plus in Malayalam; 36 plus stories in Kannada and Odiya; 18 stories in Bengali and 270 posts in English.


  1. From Balvikas children


9 letters of gratitude to the Master from the Balvikas children


  1. 36 sessions of Sai Sahasranama and Mahila satsang (since Nov 2012)


A thought inspired by Swami; to have ‘Sri Sathya Sai Sahasranama’ (1008 names of Swami) by a team of sisters on 3rd Thursdays of every month followed by mahila bhajan and Narayan seva to the building cleaners; started off at our place (we have a small temple at home with Shirdi Sai as the presiding deity) around the Ladies day in Nov of 2012. A short satsang and sharing session usually follows this. By Swami’s grace it is still going on without any break and offer our 36th Sahasranama session this November at His lotus feet.

One of the sisters participating in this seva, has this to say, ‘After the peaceful chanting of the Sahasranama, it is time for sharing food with our brothers and sisters, again we can experience quality of   “Peace ” and “Sharing ”  which we feel contributes to our transformation’.

  1. 3 hardcopies of 54 value based stories

 chellame 1

The first hardcopy version of selected 54 value based stories for Tamil, Telugu and Hindi  from the saibalsanskaar blog offered at Sai Sannidhi in Prasanthi Nilayam.


  1. 9 stories of Sai’s glory in Singapore (shared by Sai sisters of this team)

 sai glory

Another thought was prompted to share the glory of Sai actually as experienced by some of the devotees in Singapore (those who were willing to share) and by His grace this Singapore Chapter of experiences came about and we dedicate the first 9 chapters (as given in the links below) at the Divine lotus feet.










  1. 2 parayans of Sri Sathya Sai Kalpadruma (parayan of 108 names of Lord Sai describing His glory with stories)


We came to know about the Sri Sathya Sai Kalpadruma (108 stories relating to each ashtotra name of Swami) just before Guru Purnima of 2015 and by His grace we were able to accomplish 2 sessions of this parayan.


  1. Initiation of translation work for Sri Sathya Sai Vidya Vahini by our Saibalsanskaar translation team

vidya vahini

In Sept of 2015 we were able to get in touch with the Vidya Vahini team and expressed our interest to help out in whatever possible way we could and by His grace; we have just connected to the main SSSVV team and have begun our first seva project in 6 languages on this ladies day 19th Nov 2015.

I express my deepest sense of gratitude to my Divine Master Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba for inspiring our team to be part of all the above and make us His humble instrument to make some difference. I thank each of my Sai sisters and Balvikas children for giving their best to Swami with full love and devotion. JSR

sai paduka

Wishing you a very happy birthday dearest Lord; from Your children in Singapore.





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