22 October 2015

One often complains that they are not able to concentrate, which is not necessarily true; for even the driver of a car is a master of the art of concentration. The taxi driver does not pay heed to the chatter from the seat behind or to the radio. He is watching the road ahead with single-pointed attention. If we have the earnestness and faith (shraddha), more than half the battle is won. That is why, Krishna asks Arjuna, “Have you listened to what I have said with one-pointed attention?” Arjuna, even in the midst of the opposing armies in the battle-field, affirmed he listened to the words of the Lord with keen concentration. Practicing concentration will stand us in good stead. Also, we must not mistake the technique for the goal; and lose our way in the tangle of scholarship. Scholarship and learning are only the means for the mastery of the Mind, to turn it from the Creation to the Creator.
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