Chapter- 10 Power of Gayatri Mantra- 1- Hunger Vanishes

gayatri mantra

Sister Prashanti shares a Sai leela as to how our dear Lord came to her husband’s rescue in the nick of time by hearing his plea for help by the chanting of the most potent Gayatri. Mantra (Om Bhur Bhuvah Svaha Tath Savittur varenyam Bhargo devasya dhee mahi dhiyo yonah prachodayaat)


One day Sis Prashanti was on her seva duty when her husband called her from his work place informing her that he had forgotten his wallet at home and had barely S$1.70 in his pocket. As he had carried lunch box along with him; it was ok and he thought he would manage somehow. Just then his boss accosted him from behind and told him that he wanted a lunch treat from him that afternoon. After hanging up the phone; the subordinate (Sis Prashanti’s husband) was startled and confused by this sudden request from his boss and that too on the very day when he had forgotten his wallet. He had no choice but to assent to the boss’s request.


After the boss left, he again called Sis Prashanti and informed her of his dilemma and asked her to pray to Swami as she was in the centre. Meanwhile Sis Prashanti asked him to keep chanting the the gayatri mantra and Swami would definitely save him from this awkward situation.

Sis Prashanti kept praying to Swami to help her husband out of this situation and save her husband’s dignity; as he was not comfortable borrowing money from anyone and also could not refuse his boss’s request.

Soon it was lunch time; the boss and subordinate started proceeding towards the restaurant. All the while the boss kept telling his subordinate as to how hungry he was and he wanted all the South Indian delicacies available in the restaurant namely Idli, dosa, vada plus extra sambar as well to go with it. Here, the subordinate with just S$1.70 in his pocket and his mind continuously chanting the Sai gayatri and calling Swami for help; was out of his wits as the restaurant was approaching close.

As soon as they reached the restaurant and the subordinate opened the door to the restaurant; the boss patted him from the back and told him to his utter surprise and amazement; “I was so hungry till now wanting to eat so much stuff; but don’t know what happened suddenly; I am feeling very full. So sorry to bother you; but since we have already come here; for your sake I will just have a cup of coffee.” OMG!!!!! The subordinate was so delighted and grateful to the dearest Lord for saving him from being humiliated. Both the boss and subordinate had a cup of coffee each and back with 30 cents in his pocket; the subordinate trumped back to his office desk thanking Swami again and again. Then he called Sis Prashanti to inform of this Sai leela and she was overwhelmed and thanked Swami from the bottom of her heart and when she lifted her head and turned back near the altar; next to her feet was Swami’s picture with ‘Abhayhasta’ (both hands raised in blessing; as a sign of assurance of His protection) which was not anywhere near the altar area before.


When Sis Prashanti shared this incident with me; my thoughts immediately were on how our dearest Sai Ma always assures Her protection to us in any situation. I learned the following lessons from the above experience

  1. Gayatri is the most potent mantra to connect to the Lord in an instant. He is always there to respond to our heartfelt calls.
  2. He always will see to that His devotees are not humiliated or put down in any situation (Like in hindi it is said; “Apna maan tale tal jaaye par bhakt ka maan na talne deta- He doesn’t mind if people call Him names or humiliate Him but He will never allow His devotees to be humiliated)
  3. I instantly remembered how our dear Swami as Lord Krishna in His previous incarnation had saved Draupadi and the Pandavas’ honor when Duryodhana had sent Sage Dhurvasa and his disciples for lunch to the pandavas abode when they were in exile and he (duryodhana) knew that the pandavas had no food to offer to so many people. He wanted the pandavas to be cursed and humiliated by sage dhurvasa who is supposed to be famous for his anger. But Draupadi’s faith in the Lord; made Him appease the hunger of Dhurvasa and his disciples by He Himself just partaking a leftover grain of food from draupadi’s washed utensil. This is the mercy of our dear Lord.
  4. Finally, Swami has always assured that ‘You do My work and I will take care of all your needs.” And that is what exactly happened. Sis and her husband are regular seva dals serving Swami with utmost devotion. How will He ever forsake them?

In every age and every avatar our dear Lord comes to the rescue of devotees who pray to Him with utmost love and devotion

I thank Sis Prashanti for sharing this beautiful Sai leela with me and wanting it to be shared with all the readers to rejoice on the glories of our Divine Master.

Thank You dearest lord for everything.

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