15 Oct 2015

Speaking truth is the foremost quality of a human being. To speak untruth and talk irresponsibly does not behove a human being. If we indulge in useless and indiscriminate talk, how can it be called truth? Before we speak something, we must enquire whether it is truth or not. We must speak only truth which emerges from the heart. The entire world has emerged from truth and everything merges into truth. The clouds moving in the sky sometimes obscure the Sun; once the clouds move away, the resplendent Sun is fully visible. Similarly it is only when the dark clouds of resolutions and confusions in our heart are cleared, truth manifests. When one indulges in gossiping eventually we end up talking unnecessarily out of which many will be irrelevant and false. We end up wasting our time and others time. Whatever we talk reflects our nature. One can easily recognise the truth spoken or the falsehood behind the talk. So let us try to speak what is true and that which doesn’t hurt others and also helps us improve ourselves.


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