10th Tapovanam Parayan

By the immense grace of our Divine Master; the 10th Tapovanam Parayan (9th session of 2015) was held at Sis Ranjini and Bro Murali’s place. It was a beautiful session attended by 27 devotees (again a divine number totalling to 9) Sis Ranjini and Bro Murali share their experience below.

Sis Ranjini shares

A beautiful blessing indeed to have the TAPOVANAM Paaraayanam at our home on the 1st of October. Thanks to Swami and my dear parents for inculcating good values in me.  As soon as the dates were confirmed, the excitement began.
Since we were travelling a lot, just prayed to Swami that all should go on well. Sister Malini, who resides in Mumbai mentioned to me about coming to Singapore around that time. I requested her to stay back for the Tapovanam and she gladly agreed. Sister Jyothi called up and said that she would love to do the decoration. Felt like a mini wedding. On September 29th, late evening, Sister Malini and myself were talking about how nice it would be if Swami did something beautiful blessing us all for the Paaraayan. And on 30th early  morning, we get a call from one of the Sai sisters asking us if we would like to have robes of Swami that He wore during His Physical sojourn. We could not believe our ears. We were overwhelmed with joy to receive Swami’s robe (one each) just before the Paaraayanam.
The preparations were in full swing and i have to mention my dear helper Pushpa who was so involved in all the activities. My husband was also kind enough to come from Malaysia just the previous night to participate in the Paaraayanam. On 1st morning, my pillars of strength, Sister Nandini and Saraswathi Aunty were here at 7.25. When we started the Paaraayan, there were 9 of us that included Swami and an elderly couple too; the Paaraayanam commenced with recitation by the elderly couple. When the Paaraayanam (the concluding parts were recited by another elderly couple) got over i realised that overall there were 27 (an auspicious number). Elders commencing an concluding the Paaraayanam was wonderful; felt really blessed.
A few minutes before the Paaraayanam, Sister Malini took some hibiscus flowers from the balcony to keep for the deities. The Orange flower that she placed for Swami seemed to have a special significance. At the end of the day, as i was retiring to bed, i just looked at Swami and asked him if he was happy and was so happy when the flower kept for Swami fell down at just that moment.
Thanks to each one of you who were so kind to bring various prasadams and lots of love for Swami.
Bro Murali shares
Tapovanam reading is very sacred.
As recorded in the Tapovanam, “The person reading the Tapovanam gets strengthened in his belief in Divinity and in his own Religion. Thereby he will be inspired to adhere to the right path, the path of divinity. He starts getting Swami’s Blessings in ample measure; they forget themselves as they are showered with Bhagawan’s compassion and love.”
Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity to receive His Grace, I was disappointed that I had to be away on the day of the Paaraayanam. I told The Boss to have it His way. And then it happened. A set of meetings sprang up needing me to be in SG on the day. But then these meetings commenced at 9am, which meant I could participate only for a while. I said ok and then it happened; after I reached SG I learnt that the meetings had been postponed!!!
So the phalashruthi was proven even as I prepared to participate in the event!
The house presented a serene atmosphere on the day and the Paaraayanam itself was done very well, with a senior couple starting and another senior couple concluding the reading. All in all, a Blessed day. There was happiness all around after the conclusion and that was testimony to the beneficent effect of the Paaraayanam, though there will be other subtle beneficial changes that Swami will be making in each of us.
Thanks to our dearest Lord for helping our team complete a total of 10 sessions in Singapore and 9 for the year 2015 to be offered as our humble token of love at His lotus feet for His 90th birthday.



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