08 October 2015

There is nothing greater in the world than Bhakti (devotion). Once sage Narada demonstrated to his disciples how devotion is greater than anything in the world, including the Divine. While the Divine was greater than the cosmos, which the Lord as Vamana could measure in two steps, the Lord Himself is held in his heart by the devotion of the devotee. Devotion bestows the highest benefits. Devotion alone is the means to Realisation. Devotion alone confers supreme peace. Devotion is the panacea for all ills. Divine love encompasses all sacred acts. To achieve oneness with the Divine, one will have to be prepared to sacrifice everything. It is not easy for anyone to recognise the truth about the Divine. His leelas (miraculous sportive activities) are beyond the grasp of the mind and speech. There is no Veda or Sastra superior to devotion.
There are 9 types of devotion and one type is namasankeertana or namasmarana. A beautiful story is shared below
Story of the week

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