Chapter 8- Bhakta paradeenaya Namaha

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One of the Sai sisters, Sis Prashanti shares a divine miracle of our dear Lord which happened recently at her place.

She had one part time help coming to her place for the past 2 years. The lady was not particularly happy with her life as she had faced many challenges in her life. She had to work very hard to bring up her family as she was the only earning member hence she had lost faith in God. She often used to wonder how this Sister prayed to Swami so much and also commented about it at times.

One day, about a month ago; this helper seemed very distressed and was almost in tears. When enquired what the problem was; she replied that she had lost her wallet which contained some money and more than that it had her very important document. She needed it badly. Sister Prashanti comforted her saying that she would pray for her to Swami and also handed her one of Swami’s picture and a vibhuti packet. Then she told her to pray Swami daily and assured that He would show her a way.

A few days later; this helper came back excitedly shouting; “He is God. Saibaba is God.” Sister was wondering as to what had happened for this sudden change in this lady. The lady then with full of happiness and joy started sharing the happenings with sister. She told sister that after she went back to her place that evening she kept the photo in her room and started talking to Swami’s picture and praying fervently. Two days had thus passed and she continued her prayers. Meanwhile people around her were telling her to report her loss to the police. She hesitatingly went to the police station to register her complaint. But that day there was a big queue and she had to wait for 2hrs or more. She didn’t want to keep waiting there. Something told her that she having trusted and prayed the Lord; should wait for Him to answer her prayers. She went back and decided to wait for the next morning to return to the police station if nothing happened.

After she returned home; she went to her room and gave Swami a final ultimatum (if I may say that). “I will wait till tomorrow morning and You have to make the person who took my document admit her/his guilt and return it; only then I will believe in Your divinity.” She was planning to go to the police station next morning at 10am. Early morning she began getting ready as nothing seemed to be happening and suddenly at 9/9.30am she got a call from her friend saying that “by mistake your document came in my handbag and I want to return it”. She was taken aback as she had asked this very friend some days back if she had found her stuff and her friend had denied finding anything. When enquired; the friend said that as she was dropping her boss’s daughter to the school, she tripped and fell down, the contents of her bag fell out and the boss’s daughter saw this document and asked her helper aunt about it. It is then that she saw and realised that it was her friend’s document which she was searching so frantically.

This lady was filled with so much joy and gratitude to Bhagavan; she realised that He had heard her prayers (rather her final ultimatum) and rushed to help her through the little child. Hence she came rushing to Sis Prashanti’s house and wanted to bring flowers and garlands to thank Swami. She then told sister; “Yes, I agree He is God and I am going to pray to Him.”

Swami loves and cares for all. This lady who didn’t know anything about Swami and had lost faith in other Gods; was helped and given the Divine assurance that sincere prayers are heard and He takes care of all. God does exist and He loves all.


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