Chapter 6- Durga’s devotion and Sai grace

New Year 2014 Rangoli

It is Swami’s grace that He blessed me with a lovely helping hand ‘Durga’ to help me in my household work. Durga has been working at our place for the past 8 years. She is a loving and devout person and speaks Swami’s mother tongue- Telugu. Perhaps Swami chose her for me to help me with His seva and other prayer activities.

After joining our place Durga immediately started the task of adorning our doorsteps daily with beautifully drawn rangolis. Especially during festival times she would spend 2/3 hrs till midnight after her work to complete the splendid rangolis just as her offering to the Lord. She had mentioned to me that she was baptised and read bible every day. I was glad that every morning as soon as she woke up she read the bible. She also went for the Sunday mass to the church. So I generally did not influence her with other hindu prayers or even about Swami till about 3 years ago when Shirdi Baba was installed in our house. I realised that she wanted to know more about Sai and I off and on told her about Him. She would take special interest on Thursdays and get everything ready for the parayers after her usual special Thursday rangoli. Of course one of the main participation of her was in preparation for Narayan seva. She would be the main cook for the monthly Narayan seva which she thoroughly enjoyed and got immense satisfaction preparing the food.


Things went on like this till last September when we renewed her contract and she had to go for her medical test. She has been generally a very healthy person and rarely complained of any pain or even cough/cold etc. It was a shock to her when the doctor told her that something was wrong with her X ray and she should consult a specialist. There was a possibility that she might even not be approved to work here in Singapore. Durga was devastated. She easily gets worried about small things and this was something she never expected. She was filled with remorse; fearing for the worst, perhaps having contracted TB or some such disease. Within the next 2 days I took her to the specialist and he said that they needed to take one more X ray to compare with the previous one and nothing could be said till next 10 days till he saw her; as he was to be away for a week on a holiday. We got back home and I prayed to Swami asking Him to do what is right for her. She was very restless. I told her that I was praying for her and I felt that she should read ‘Sai Satcharita’ for the next 7 days and complete the parayan. Since we didn’t have the Telugu version of the book, I told her to use my Ipad. Every night after her work without fail she would ask me for the Ipad and read the chapters with full faith. She finished the parayan in 7 days. We then visited the doctor in the next few days and he called us in his cabin and began comparing both the Xrays and to our and his utter surprise he said “There is absolutely nothing wrong with her. The old X ray may have been wrong. She is very healthy and need not see me at all.” OMG!!! What a relief? We thanked our dear Sai. Our dear Lord Sai had answered Durga’s loving prayers. After this her faith took a leap and for every Satcharita or Tapovanam parayan she would participate with full enthusiasm.

Last month, ie August 2015, I was traveling to the US and only she was at home. She insisted that she would alone prepare for the Narayan seva and also every Thursday keep the temple ready for the devotees. She celebrated all the festivals in our absence and whats appd me all the happenings here. Whenever we travelled; the temple would be open every Thursday for the devotees and she would take care of that. The Narayan Seva day is on a Sunday which is supposed to be her off day but she was at home preparing 20 boxes of rice ready to be given to the needy. During this period she also attended a full day Tapovanam parayan session at a friend’s place and was so full of joy and bliss attending the same and reading a chapter in Telugu.

The full month of Aug/Sept she dedicated in the service of our dear Swami. I was back home in time for Ganesh Chaturthi and was preparing for the festival when she happily helped me out and told that it was one of the main festivals of her place and they wear a new outfit on that day rather than Diwali day. It was already late at night and I was totally jetlagged and just heard what she said. The next day, Thursday and Ganesh Chaurthi day, we finished the morning prayers and were getting ready for our monthly Sai Sahasranama and Narayan Seva at 10.30am. As usual Durga was to prepare food for Narayan seva and was working on that.

narayan seva

Exactly at 10.20am, one of the Sai sisters entered for the prayers and after offering flowers to Baba; turned to me and told me that she needed my permission for something. I was surprised. When asked what it was she took out a new dress from her bag and she said she wanted to gift it to Durga. OMG!!!!!!!! She mentioned that she had a few dresses and sarees which she had got sometime back but on that day she had a strong urge to take them out and give it someone. While she was preparing chappatis for Narayan Seva; the name of Durga kept popping in her mind and she just got it for her. I was at loss for words at the mercy and kindness of our dearest Lord. He answered her simple desire for all the loving seva and prayers she had done without any expectation except for His love.

Who says Swami is not there and He has to be seen somewhere else and He doesn’t communicate. He is everywhere always taking care of us. We just need to tune to Him. He is the most merciful and loving God. Who can describe His glory and unconditional love?

Thank You dearest Lord.


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