Sharing session on 19th September 2015 in Singapore

By His infinite grace I was able to attend the sharing session at the Sai centre on the 19th of September and got clarity and information on the happenings at Prashanti Nilayam. It is heartening to hear and note that all the activities and service programs are on in full swing at the ashram. Thanks to dearest Swami and the trustees Mr Srinivasan and Mr Naganand for connecting and communicating with the devotees the current happenings at Prashanti. Those interested can visit the link to note about the beautiful programs happening at Prashanti.

Hope through Swami’s grace everyone will be inspired to work more towards His mission and be blessed to have the Maha Sannidhi darshan for the 90th birthday.

The second session by Bro satyajit on Vidya Vahini program was very informative and insightful. It threw light on how it is possible to have a value and technology based program available to the poorest of students in rural India.


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