Chapter 5- Sai Photo Miracle- Glory of Tapovanam

13 September 2015

Our younger son Pranav is going off to university next week to study. I was worried about him, as to how he will settle down etc.
I started reading ‘tapovanam ‘ everyday, and was feeling better. I wanted Pranav also to sit with me and read a few chapters. Today after reading, Pranav started asking me ‘why do miracles not happen in our house’ ‘why doesn’t  Swami come to our house’ I was telling him, ‘Swami is already at home’.
In the afternoon as I was taking some clothes for packing, I found this photo of Swami at home, with this message. I had never purchased this photo before nor did I see it anywhere at home before. I had no words when I saw this photo, I was into tears when I was reading the message of Swami.

lakshmi photo tapovanam
Swami is full of love and compassion. He is always with us.
Love you a lot Swami.

Sis Lakshmi




One thought on “Chapter 5- Sai Photo Miracle- Glory of Tapovanam

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