Tapovanam Parayan- Houston, Texas- Aug 2015

By the immense grace of Lord Sai, the first ever one day Tapovanam Parayan was held in Houson, Texas, USA at Bro Hari’s place. I have shared how this seed for the Parayan at Houston was planted just a month ago. https://premaarpan.wordpress.com/2015/07/04/glory-of-sai-tapovanam/
Bro Hari shares more about this first ever session below.
tapovanam hou 1
By Swami’s abundant grace, I was able to witness Swami’s leelas of manifestations in Singapore at my uncle’s home in June 2015. Among several other blessings, Swami made me meet sister Nandini, who happened to be leading Tapovanam sessions in Singapore (I was also reading Tapovanam at the time I met her). This inspired me to request Swami to use me as His instrument for a Tapovanam reading effort in Houston, when Swami showered flowers on me at the very thought. This blessing was enough to get me going. The day after I landed in Houston, I approached the local Katy Sai group and passed along the news of Swami’s blessings to complete at least 9 readings of Tapovanam in Houston before his 90th Birthday. Incidentally, they were also wanting ideas to make offerings to Swami on his 90th Birthday, and felt extremely happy on getting this direction from Swami. Among those present at the Katy Sai group was the VP of Sai Region 10 who took this message to Austin and Dallas Sai Centers as well. Thus, Swami’s effort developed wings very quickly – a miracle by itself. The 9 sign ups in Houston are almost complete and 2 readings completed.
tapovanam hou 3
Additionally, when I mentioned this message to a devotee friend in California, they have taken up dedicated Tapovanam readings (30 min per day, for an expected 13 readings by November 23rd) in Folsom, California.
We had invited 60+ families for Tapovanam at our humble residence on August 1st per instructions from Sai center. Unfortunately, 3 days prior, two pairs of helping hands were rendered ineffective in kitchen help for unforeseeable reasons. I had the firm conviction Swami will take care, and Swami ensured the 25-odd crowd was manageable for my wife who was also taking care of our 2-month old. The vibrations were good and all the attendees enjoyed, and had very relevant messages from the chapters they read. tapovanam hou 4
We ensured Baba’s ‘Go Green’ initiative was continued; got some wooden ‘Sporks’ and Paper cups that were recyclable. The relatively small crowd was easily manageable and the reading went per the Sign-in sheet continuously, with active participation from both genders. Food was in excess, but Swami ensured it was not wasted; every attendee did take some extra food with them. An important part of Swami’s message, which is spreading His glory, was fulfilled somewhat through the attendance of some devotees interested in knowing more about Swami partly after becoming aware of His leelas, and some others who had not read Tapovanam.
I trust Swami is happy; this is for Him, and glad He gave us the opportunity.
tapovanam hou 2
I conclude this write up with Swami’s direct message – which is to spread His glory among those interested in knowing more about Him. Swami displayed the fact that He is Shiva, Bala Krishna, Rama, and all the Gods taken together
Bro Hari Nemmara

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