Sadhguru on the Importance of the Guru’s Grace

“If grace is not available to you or you are not available to grace, it does not matter how much money you have, how much wealth you have, whatever nonsense you have, you will not live a beautiful life. A Guru’s grace is not some airy thing that you imagine. It is a very physical presence. It’s as physical as the breeze that you feel. It’s as physical as the sunlight.

What you refer to as the Guru is just a certain energy, a certain possibility. It is not the person. A certain person has only become a representative of that energy and that space. If you have to see, it is light that you need, not the light bulb. But right now that particular light bulb happens to be the source of light. So you tend to think “I cannot exist without the light bulb.” On one level it is true. But the nature of the Guru is not limited to time and space. So it is not because you sit next to the light bulb you get the maximum light. You could be a thousand miles away and you may receive more grace than the person who is right now sitting next to that person.

Success will not come to you without grace. Somehow, one way or the other you have to learn to be receptive to grace. Just your mental state may make you receptive, the way you keep your body may make you receptive, the way you keep your emotions may make you receptive or you have more complex methods, you understand the mechanics of how it works and you become receptive. But without grace there will be no success. You maybe brilliant but still you will be a failure. You may be immensely capable still you will be a failure.

But a moment of grace, and suddenly you will see everything will be successful. For you to be peaceful, for you to be happy, you can do it from within. If you know how to keep your body and your mind, you can do these things. But being successful in what you’re doing will not happen without grace. Without the lubricant of grace your machine will not go too far. Everything will be an uphill task in your life. Most human beings do this to themselves because they are so full of themselves. They will not become available to grace. Everything in their life is hard work – education is hard work, going to work is hard work, marriage is one big hard work. But if you become very receptive to grace, you find everything is effortless because you are now a well-lubricated being.”



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