Bhaja Govindam- Verse 9- Meaning and thoughts

Verse 9

Satsangatve Nissangatvam

Nihsangatve Nirmohatvam

Nirmohatve Niscalatattvam

Niscalatattve Jivanmuktih


Through the company of the good, there arises non-attachment; through non-attachment there arises freedom from delusion; when there is freedom from delusion, there is the Immutable Reality; on experiencing Immutable Reality, there comes the state of ‘liberated –in-life.’



  • Satsang prevents us from dropping the question.  Most of us ask: Who is God?  Who created God? Where did I really come from? If we don’t find answers, we drop the question. However, if we are in satsang, we will never drop the question.  Satsang enhances our quest for the truth and turns us into seekers. It is the “push” which will inspire us to walk the path.
  • Being in the company of  highly empowered people, empowers us in turn. Think of the last time you spent time with someone absolutely amazing. How did you feel after that? The best is to associate with someone who is established. If that is not possible, associate with someone who is on the path and associate with books and audio that are available.
  • Why is detachment so difficult? We cannot detach from something without attaching ourselves to something else.  We are very uncomfortable with nothing.  We detach from something impermanent that has caused us pain and then again attach to something impermanent which will again cause us pain.  We keep shifting from impermanent to impermanent.
  • Attach to that which is permanent so we detach from impermanency. It would be best to attach to That but if we are not able to do so yet, what should we do? Spend time with a group of people who seek That so it would be a constant influence to know the Truth.

Thoughts as learnt from my Master

Goal of every human is to realise his/her true self and finally merge in Him or the source. When we are so much entangled in our daily duties, relationships and other activities of the world; we seldom have time or even bother to ponder about our actual self. We always associate ourselves with our body and relationships we have built around us. Later when we lose these relationships or even when this body suffers we are so unhappy. This is because we chase after something which is impermanent. True, it is no easy to understand this and it is easier said than done. But ‘satsang’ or company of good, wise people at least propels us to think about who we are and what is the ultimate goal of life? Without a Master or good company it is not easy for one to proceed into this self inquiry. So company of good is the first step towards the path of self realisation. If we begin now; we know not when or in how many lifetimes we will achieve our goal. But we would have at least begun the journey on this path.


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