Chapter 4- Why fear when I am here?

My pranams at the Lotus feet of our loving Swami. I would like to share a few experiences of my life where I felt the presence of Swami guiding and taking care of me.

Tapovanam 7 session 2

I had heard about Sri Sathya Sai baba (whom we all refer to as ‘Swami’) in my teenage years; way back in 1965. During the time I finished my secondary board examinations and was about to enter the college; bhajans used to be held at our place on Sunday afternoons. As I was inclined towards music; bhajan attracted me to Swami. I started attending the bhajans and my brother-in-law used to train us; brothers and sisters to sing these devotional songs. Around this time Swami had come to Mumbai to lay the foundation for ‘Dharmakshetra’. He visited a house close by to our place. The lady of that house told me that if I helped out with ‘Rangoli’ and decorations to welcome Swami when He visited their place; she would allow me to have His darshan. I helped out in all the chores for this divine visit. But when Swami actually came to their place; the hosts of the house closed all the doors and I was not allowed in for His darshan. I was very disappointed then. I just had a brief glimpse of Him when He came to their balcony.

Later I got married and came to Hyderabad. Due to the family circumstances I lost touch with Swami’s activities. Whenever Swami used to give speeches in Mumbai; I had heard Him speaking in Telugu and felt bad that I didn’t understand that language. But after moving to Hyderabad; I learnt telugu and was happy that Swami had sent me to Hyderabad to learn Telugu and understand His teachings better.

After I became the mother of two boys; I used to put them to sleep with the lullaby of Sai bhajans. Soon my husband was working for LIC and we had moved to the office quarters. Every Saturday bhajans used to be held there. I attended the session on one Ganesh Chaturti day. I was asked to sing a bhajan and I was happy to sing on that auspicious occasion. I then started working as a school teacher. I was busy with family and school; so Swami was out of my life for some years in between. Meanwhile lot of ups and downs happened in my life.

Life went on as a routine; until my son got married. I was happy that my daughter in law was from a Sai devotee family. Soon I had a granddaughter and my Sai bhajans came handy to sing the lullaby for her too. I had quit my job by then and started taking care of my grandchildren. After this point in life; Swami had come back to my life again. There was no turning back from then.

In the year 2005, I developed a severe pain in my ears. In spite of taking many medicines I didn’t get any relief. I consulted an ENT specialist. He told me that since I was a diabetic; there were calcium deposits in my ear for which surgery had to be performed. By that time we had shifted to Mumbai with family. My daughter-in-law was a working woman. So I had the responsibility of the home and taking care of grandchildren. I didn’t want this surgery. So I prayed to Swami fervently. After 3 days when I visited the doctor; he checked me again and said; ‘No surgery. You are absolutely fine.” My Swami had heard my prayers and protected me.

Another incident where Swami came to our family’s rescue was when we were once traveling from Mumbai to Nasik by road. We were put up in two different cars. I and my granddaughter were in one car along with my sister’s family. We had just crossed the ghat section and were just 25km away from our destination. The other car went ahead as we had stopped to refill the fuel. My niece was on the wheel of our car. As we just left the fuel station, my niece’s phone rang and my niece picked her bag to get the phone and instead of slowing down by braking she pushed the accelerator. The car sped and hit at a divider and went to other side of the road. It was the highway. We all shouted in one voice ‘Sai’. The car then halted and the doors opened automatically. We all came out of the car safely without even a scratch. My niece was in a shock. Then I called my son who was in the car and he came back to our car and sorted out the things. I was reminded of my Lord who always said; “Why fear when I am here?” and I thanked Him profusely for saving us.

My son was transferred to Singapore in 2011. We shifted along with him to Singapore. I was feeling bad that I was missing Dharmakshetra and all the Sai activities of India. Everything was new here. One day as I was going for my morning walk; one of my building friends told me that there was a ‘Rudrabhishekam’ in someone’s place in our colony and if interested I could attend the same. I was wondering as to how to just go to someone’s place without knowing them. Still something dragged me there and I landed up in that house for the puja. That happened to be Sis Nandini’s house. When I reached their place; the abhishekam had just finished and some paper was being distributed. What do I see in that paper?? It was Swami’s ashtotram sheet with His 108 names. A chair was kept in the centre for Swami. I was so happy that I had found my Swami in Singapore also indicating that He is everywhere.

Meeting Sis Nandini seems to be a blessed opportunity for me. I could involve myself in so many Sai activities which she was participating. Thanks to Swami for everything.

Jai Sai Ram

Saraswati Vishwanathan

P.S Aunty Saraswati is actively participating in every function with great enthusiasm and zest. She is a great support to our human value blogs in Tamil, Tapovanam parayans and many more such activities. Swami always shower His grace on her and her family.




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