Glory of Sai – Tapovanam

By the divine grace of our dearest Swami; the ‘Tapovanam’ (Sri Sathya Sai Satcharita) sessions were initiated in Singapore on 6th Nov 2014 (; after that as mentioned in the post (attached link) we had planned for quarterly sessions; the first one starting Feb’15. The 2nd parayan also went off well. After this parayan, one sister called me and said that she wanted to very much host one session at her place but was feeling sad that all the four sessions were already booked.

Early March, I called this sister and told her that if Swami wills, we will have one session in March; for which definitely 2/3 of us will be there. She was so happy when she heard this and started off the preparations and the unplanned March session happened at her place. Again by His grace about 8/10 participants attended the session. A seed was planted at that time to try to have 9 sessions before Swami’s 90th bday. When I just put forth that thought to these divine sisters; they were more than happy to fill in the slots till Nov 15 and in fact many were happy that Swami had heard their prayers as they were feeling bad that they did not get the quarterly slots. There is no end to His leelas and mercy.

During this 3rd parayan, a sister from Mumbai attended the session. She was in Singapore for a brief time then. She too wanted to host one session when and where she was put up in Singapore and so within the same month of March we had another session ; the 4th session at her place. And later we know the reason; Swami has His own ways; this divine sister conducted a ‘Tapovanam’ session at her home in Mumbai on Swami’s Samadhi day 24 Apr 2015 where about 40 people attended the session.

By Swami’s grace we have completed the 7th Parayan as of now and hope to offer 9 parayans for His bday.

So what prompted me to write about this now? 23 June 2015, a Tuesday morning around 10.30am we get a message in our team regarding a miracle house in Singapore where lot of manifestations were happening since 18 June. We were happy to see the pictures and were talking about Swami’s leelas and glory. Something in me told that I should visit this house; the thought just passed away and then I got busy with my routine. That Friday 26 June, I bumped into this sister who had send the pictures and she told me in detail what miracles were happening and insisted that I should visit that house. (This is sis Lakshmi who has shared her experience in

Soon as per His will I ended up at the miracle home on 28 June, Sunday evening when bhajans were on at their place. I had taken along the aunty at whose place the 7th Parayan was to be held. We were also asked to sing some bhajans. As soon as aunty sang 2 lines of the bhajan kumkum just manifested right next to her and immediately I felt that Swami had already blessed her ‘Tapovanam’ session. Following that we saw many more miracles like vibhuti manifestation, acceptance of fruit offered etc.

Now to the Sai leela with regards to ‘Tapovanam’. After the bhajan we moved to the living room of their home and seated ourselves on the sofa and what do I see on the coffee table there? The “Tapovanam’ book. I smiled at aunty; saying that it was clear indication for her. Then I started talking to the family about ‘Tapovanam’ and how the parayan came about? One of the family members had come from Houston in the US and showed a lot of interest as it was he; who was reading that book. Soon it was time for us to leave and they wanted to visit our place. The next evening; they came home and we had a small satsang after which the brother left for Houston on 30th June. This Thursday, 2 July, by His grace the 7th parayan went off well at aunty’s place.

Yesterday; 3rd July, Friday I get a mail from the brother in Houston that he was inspired by our ‘Tapovanam’ sessions and wanted to have such sessions in Houston if Swami willed. As soon as he prayed to Swami about it; Swami showered flowers indicating His happiness. The brother is now talking to the various devotees in Houston to see how this can be done? I really hope and pray that the brother is able to fulfil his wish of the parayan.

What a Master plan? Exactly 10 days after my knowing about this incident; this is what He has planned? Who says He is not there? Every minute everywhere He is there guiding us and making us His humble instruments. There are no words to thank Him.

With my small mind; I limited this parayan sessions to Singapore; but He has different bigger plans. The thought is already germinating in Mumbai; soon with His grace in the US and know not where else.

My dearest Lord; You are incomprehensible. Amazing are Your ways. I humbly bow down to You; praying that You always use us as Your humble instruments in Your divine mission.


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