7th Tapovanam Parayan- 02 July 2015

Tapovanam 7 session 1With the Divine grace of Swami, the 7th Tapovanam Parayan took place at Aunty Saraswati’s place on 2nd July 2015; the holy Thursday and the blessed purnima day which is considered to be ‘Guru Purnima’ according to some hindu calendars.

Tapovanam 7 session 2

Aunty shares her experience below

My pranams to Swami for helping us complete 7th Tapovan Parayan successfully. Thanks to all of you who came and supported the session. I thank Swami for letting my grand children also to be cooperative by distancing themselves from television which is in the hall where the session was held. It was peaceful and serene. I consider myself and my family blessed for Swami’s grace and for the opportunity to host at our place. Pranams and thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Saraswati Vishwanathan

I am thankful to Swami that I could be part of the session for most of the time and at the closing bhajan session; I could feel so much of Swami’s presence profusely blessing us. It is also worth noting that last sunday when we visited the ‘miracle home’ here in Singapore; as soon as aunty started singing; Swami blessed with kumkum manifestation and indicated the success of the Parayan. Thank You dearest Lord.


3 thoughts on “7th Tapovanam Parayan- 02 July 2015

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