Chapter 3- Theertam (holy water) blessings

Pranams to the lotus feet of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai 

Recently Swami’s vibhuti manifestation was happening in my neighbors house, Murali Anna & Lalithaji. I do not know them but got their phone number and requested them, if I could come and see Swami. My husband and I went to their house, there was lot of kumkum and turmeric and flowers falling. Yesterday Swami gave a mango as prasad where they found small padukas, where Sai Ram is written.
From last two years my mother is unwell. From three days her sugar levels are quite high and she is not able to take the pain. When she shares her pain with me, I am helpless. One of my good friend Vasanthi told me, that I can keep a letter, where Vibhuti manifestation is happening, Swami will definitely bless. I wrote a letter saying, Swami my mother is sick, please help her. I went to their house and placed the letter on the small stool. They asked me to sing a bhajan. I started singing ‘Jaya Guru Omkara.’.. After two lines, I could not continue, I started crying, saying Swami, my mother is not well, please help and did Namaskaram. Sprinkles of water fell on me. As I was returning home, Murali Anna gives me a call saying, “your letter is blessed with vibhuti, please come and take”. I had no words. My husband, children and I went to take the letter.
Swami’s Leela is never ending, Swami’s love is ever lasting.
My heart felt thanks to Murali Anna & Lalitha Ji for giving me the opurtunity to have Swami’s darshan. May their house be blessed with such miracles. Best wishes to their family.
Lakshmi Nagendranath
29 June 2015

2 thoughts on “Chapter 3- Theertam (holy water) blessings

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