Chamakam- Mantras and meaning 1,2

Agnaa Vishnu sajosh semaa vardhanthu vaam gira.
Dyumnai vajebi raagrutham. 
Vaajas cha may, prasavam cha may,
Prayathis cha may, praseethis cha may,deedhis cha may,  krathus cha may, 
swaras chamay,
Slokas chamay, suvas chamay,sruthischa may,jyothishas cha may, suvas cha may,  
praanas chamay, apaanas cha may,
Vyaanas cha may, asus cha may,  chittam cha may, aadheetham cha may,
Vaak cha may, manas cha may, chakshus cha may,  srothras cha may, dakshas cha may,
Balam cha may,  oojas cha may, sahas cha may, aayus cha may,
Jaraas cha may,  aathmaas cha may, thanus cha may,  sarmas cha may,  varmas cha may,
Angaanis cha may, Asthaanis cha may, paarungsshis cha may, sareeraanis cha may        1

Oh Lord who is fire and who is Vishnu,
Both of you  be pleased ,
To show love towards me,
Let these words which praise you,
Grow for ever and you both,
Should bless me with food and all wealth.

Food is with me,
The mind to give food is with me
Cleanliness is with me,
Enthusiasm is with me,
Capacity to protect is with me,
Capacity to earn food is with me,
Strength to chant manthras with out fault is with me,
Fame is with me
Strength to recite properly is with me,
Enlightenment inside is with me,
Heaven is with me,
The spirit of the soul  is with me,
Aapana is with me,
Vyaana is with me,
The soul is with me,
Thought is with me,
Things known by thought are with me,
Words are with me,
Mind is with me,
Eyes are with me,
Ears are with me,
Strength of organs for gaining knowledge are with me
Strength of sensory organs are with me,
Strength of soul is with me,
Strength to defeat enemies is with me,
Span of life is with me,
The old age is with me,
The soul inside is with me,
Good body is with me,
Pleasure is with me,
The Armour to protect the body is with me,
Strong stable organs are with me,
Bones are with me,
Joints are with me,
And all other parts of the body are with me,
Because I worship Rudra.

Jyaishtyam cha may, aadhipatyam cha may, manyus cha may,
Bhaamas cha may,  aamyas cha may,  jemaas cha may,  mahimaa cha may,
Varimaa cha may, prathimaa cha may,  varshmaa cha may, draguyaas cha may,
Vruddham cha may, vruddhis cha may, satyam cha may, sraddhas cha may,
Jagascha may, dhanas cha may, vasas cha may, twishis cha may, kreedas cha may,
Modhas cha may, jaatham cha may, janishmaanam cha may,  sookthas cha may,
Sukrutham cha may, vitham cha may,  vedhyam cha may, bhootham cha may,
Bavishyam cha may, sugam cha may, supadham cha may, ruddham cha may,ruddhis cha may,
Kluptham cha may, klupthis cha may mathis cha may sumathis cha may. 2

Fame is with me,
Capacity to head is with me,
Internal anger is with me,
External anger is with me,
Fathomless mid is with me,
Pure cold water is with me,
Capacity to win is with me,
Capacity to be honoured is with me,
Immovable assets are with me,
Sons and grand sons are with me,
Deathless progeny is with me,
Pleasure of wealth is with me,
Growth of knowledge is with me,
Truth is with me,
Attention to detail is with me,
Assets are with me,
Wealth is with me,
Capacity to attract is with me,
Luster of the body is with me,
Sports is with me,
Happiness coming out of that is with me,
Whatever has been made is with me,
Whatever is being made is with me,
Praise of gods is with me,
Good deeds are with me,
Saved money is with me,
Whatever money I will earn is with me,
Earned assets are with me,
Assets, which I am going to earn, are with me,
Places, which I can easily reach, are with me,
Good paths are with me,
Good results of sacrifices done are with me,
Good results, which I am going to earn, are with me,
Assets earned by proper ways are with me,
Good capacity to carry our things is with me,
Capacity to foresee is with me,
And stability to manage is with me,
And all these are with me,
Because I worship Rudra.


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