Inspirational session- Stop worrying, Start living- Sis Jayanti

sis janakiStop Worrying, Start Living- Sis Jayanti of Brahmakumaris


18th June, Thursday morning was an inspiring session by Sis Jayanti of the Brahmakumaris foundation sharing her experiences, thoughts and practical ways on ‘Stop worrying and start living’.

Most of us have heard inspiring and motivational talks by Sis Shivani of Brahmakumaris. Sis Jayanti is yet another such teacher from London whose calm and radiant face gives one a sense of peace within. Her powerful yet gentle talk with conviction definitely brought a fresh wave of positivity in me. I share the gist of the session below for the benefit of all the readers.

Salient points

  1. Anger and worry need not be part of life. They are not our natural state of being, hence cause stress.
  2. Worry is just imagination; of which not even 50% of what we worry about come to pass.
  3. Most of us worry and are anxious about our children (P.S-. most of us who attended the session yesterday were ladies with children and hence didi spoke more about parenting) as to what their future will be. Once we have planted the right seeds we should not worry.
  4. We must plant the right seeds of good value, character in our children who are now drenched in the current age of materialism, violence and consumerism most widely propagated especially through television.
  5. Parents should spend quality time with children every day and instil the right values to them. This will help the children bond with the parents.
  6. Trust the child to have common sense and do the right. When we trust the child, the child trusts us. Instead of fulfilling the duty at the right time we spend time worrying.
  7. As a parent; plant the right seeds at the right time. Children absorb like sponge; teach them the right values so that they will one day be able to stand by their principles and beliefs in life.
  8. Another important factor is ‘Expectation’. Parents must reduce the undue expectations from the child. Unmet expectations cause worry and anxiety. We must learn to be content.
  9. Of course this is true for any relationship. One should have enough capacity to give; and have the ability to create a state of contentment. Cost of maintaining any relationship is tolerance, resilience, and flexibility.
  10. Fear- Worry and fear coexist. One dies a hundred deaths out of fear. It shortens one’s life span.
  11. Sense of insecurity creates fear. Answer for this is in spirituality.
  12. To know oneself deeply, one has to develop relationship with the divine. This will help us to get the power to plant the right seeds, to do right and reap the desired results.
  13. We must know that our identity is unique not dependent on anybody. We are eternal, imperishable.
  14. The more we explore who we are; the more we value truly what we are.
  15. As long as we are attached to the body; fear and anxiety will be there and we can’t live life to the fullest.
  16. So we must explore our inner world to be free. Externals change and can never bring true or bring permanent happiness.
  17. Awareness of ‘Who I am’ and connection with God, having a living relationship with God is the answer for these problems.
  18. ‘Who am I? Who is God?’ Concentrate on the centre of the forehead; that is the soul.
  19. There are many devtas, Masters, jivatmas but only one paramatma who is in the form of light symbolised by Shiva linga; no shape just an oval sort of form.
  20. When one concentrates on the light on the forehead and then connects to the source ie light; represented by shiva linga; we can feel the ego stripping away and this feeling draws love, power, truth and everything good from the source.
  21. Finally regular disciplined practise of this helps develop the relationship with God and we get the capacity to deal with different challenging situations of life and it stabilises our life.

After the talk; there was a guided meditation session which really helped me connect with the Lord and then Prasad and a message card was given to everyone. My card had the message ‘The secret of your success lies in the balance of remaining firm in the goals you set, but flexible in the process of realizing them’

My thoughts as learnt and experienced-

  1. It is my personal experience that right values inculcated at a young age definitely helps one to be a better person when they grow up. Swami has always said; ‘A young plant can be moulded but a tree will break when we try to mould it’. Balvikas and values given by my parents have held me in good stead in my life. Hence in a small way to spread this invaluable lessons; ‘Sai balsanskaar’ came up with His grace and guidance.
  2. It may seem that during teenage or youth the values you have inculcated to your children may not be visible to you as parents; this is due to the outside exposure they get, the world which we live in and the age; this will put them through a lot of experiences which is part of their growing up but they will get back to their roots at the right time; we just need to have trust and conviction in the values we have inculcated; the child will surely grow up to be responsible and sensible citizen of the world. We just need to trust them and be for them.
  3. For any relationship to sustain there must be give and take. Flexibility and tolerance is very important.
  4. The message card which I received yesterday as mentioned above; only reinforced my Master’s presence and guidance. Yesterday was Thursday, His day and last few days had been slightly disturbed with the calamities happening around us and asked Swami for a solution and I got this reply; which meant that I should be open to any path which will lead me to peace; it could be the meditation path as indicated yesterday; it could come from any source; that is just the path; but be fixed to the goal; ie attaining Him. He has been giving these lessons more and more through these past 4 years. Blessed to have such a loving Master.
  5. Whenever I have left everything to the Lord and surrendered only the best has happened. But it is a pity that I am not able to practise this for everything and every time. When whatever has to be done is done and we leave the rest to Him miracles is bound to happen. For that we have to leave the doership and connect within which will happen only with regular practise of meditation and sadhana.


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