18 June 2015

If one wears blue eyeglasses, they see only blue, even though Nature is resplendent with many colours. If the world appears to us as full of differences, that is due to the fault within us. If all appears as one love that too is only our love. The feeling within is the root cause. When we have faults within, the world appears faulty. When there is no knowledge of fault in ourselves, no fault can be found even by search, for we wouldn’t know what the faults are. The Lord searches only for goodness. He won’t examine the wealth, family, caste, status, or gender. He sees only the righteousness (sadbhava). He considers those endowed with such righteousness as deserving His grace, whoever they are, whatever they are. Therefore, we must develop goodness and live and act in joy and love. When we have a clean and pure heart we will see others with purity. First let us examine and improve ourselves before we judge or comment about others.
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