Sri rudram- Concluding verses- Mantras and meaning

Tryambakam yajaamahe sugandhim pushtivardhanam,
Oorvaaru kamiva  bandhanan mruthyo  rmuksheeya  maamruthaath. 1

We salute and respect,
Him who is naturally scented,
Him who looks after his devotes by mercy,
And Him who has three eyes.
And pray and request,
To move us away from the catch of death,
Like the cucumber from its stalk,
And firmly put us in the path of salvation.

Yo Rudro  agnaii yo apsu  ya oushadeeshu,
Yo Rudro viswaa  bhuvanaa  aavivesa  tasmai Rudraaya namo asthu. 2

Let our salutations be offered to that Rudra,
Who is in fire,
Who is in water,
Who is in plants and trees,
And who is in everything in the world.

Thamushtuhi  ya swishu  sudhanwaa  yo viwasya  kshayathi  beshajasya,
Yashwamahe  soumanasaaya  rudram  namobhir devaasuram duvasya 3

Pray and salute him,
Who has the best arrows,
Who has the best bow,
Who is the home of medicines,
That cure all the world’s diseases,
And who destroys asuras.
We salute that Rudra,
For making our minds pure.

Aayam  me hastho  bhagavaanayam me bhagavattara,
Ayam me  viswa beshajo ayam shivaabhimarsana. 4

This my hand is my God,
This is higher than God to me,
This is the medicine for all sickness to me.
For this touches Shiva and worships him.

Ye the sahasramayutham pasaa mruthyo marthyaya hanthave,
Thaan yagnasya  maayayaa sarvaanava yajamahe,
Mrutyave  swaaha  mrutyave swaaha. 5

Oh God who destroys the world.
I pray thee to keep away from me,
The thousands of ropes that you have,
Which is used by you to kill all beings,
Due to the power of my prayers.
This offering of fire is offered to death,
This offering of fire is offered to death.

OM namo bhagavathe rudraaya  vishnave mruturme  paahi,
Praanaanaam grandhi rasi  rudro vishaanthaka
Thenaa annena  aapya swa. 6

Om, my salutations to God,
Who is everywhere,
And to the Rudra
Let not death come near me.
You Rudra who lives in the junction of the soul and senses,
I pray to you who destroy everything, to be within me,
And due to that be satisfied,
With the food that I take as offering.

Om Shanthi ,Shanthi, Shanthi
Let there be peace, Let there be peace, Let there be peace
Ithi Sri Krishna yajur vedeeya taithireeya samhithaayam
Chathurtha Kande  panchama prapaataka.
Thus ends the fifth chapter of the fourth canto of Taithireeya collection of
Krishna Yajur Veda.


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