Bhaja Govindam- Verse 8- Thoughts

Ka Te Kanta Kaste Putrah

Samsaro yamativa Vicitrah

Kasya Tvam Kah Kuta Ayatah

Tattvam Cintaya Tadiha Bhratah


Translation: Who is your wife? Who is your son? Supremely wonderful indeed is this samsara.  Of whom are you? From where have you come? O brother, think of that Truth here.



  • Intelligent enquiry is the only antidote for the follies of delusion.  Are we asking the right questions-ones that make us think of our self-evolution? Who are we really? Where did we come from? To whom do we belong? Who is our family? We may have enquired superficially, but have we enquired in depth?
  • Family is not the final destination. It is the field of trial and test, wherein the individuals can grow into healthier personalities and remove their egocentric selfishness. Mistake it not as life’s main field of achievement.
  • This body is but one clod of mud. If we re-trace the steps of a child. Before a child became the son of a father or mother, that child was in the fetus and before that it was only a seed in the parents. That seed was nourished by the food that they’ve eaten which in turn was nurtured by mud.
  • We are but travelers in this world who come together but exit alone when the time comes.  Why do we hold on to each other as if it is our life? We get ourselves attached to others so strongly without analyzing. What are relationships exactly? We have all come here to exhaust our vasanas. Nobody came here for you. What came to this world? That genderless Self manifested in order to exhaust its vasanas. Every jiva is only this.
  • As Kahlil Gibran says, “Your children are not your children.  They are son’s and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.  They come through you but not from you, and though they are with you yet they belong not to you.”

Thoughts as learnt from my Master

It is said; “Manushya janmam durlabham”; it is only after great and good merits done in many past lives one gets chance to be born as a human. Human being is the only creation of the Lord; who has the capacity to realise and attain Him. But being born as humans we get entrapped in attachments, our sorrows, joys etc which we think are real. Upon self enquiry and learnings from the great Masters we will know that all these worldly existence are all a delusion. These are unreal and temporary. The only reality is that we are not this body; we are the Brahman or supreme self. Great Masters and Jnanis have realised this truth. Hindu scriptures often use the lotus flower and its leaf as metaphors. The plant though thriving in water, its leaf never gets wet. This symbolises the nature of a Jnani or a realised person who is ever blissful, untouched by the sorrows and the changes which is characteristic of the world.

It is not easy to realise this. It is a long process. Each of us may take many births to understand this. But once we atleast know about this we can begin the process of self enquiry by taking baby steps towards this. Each of us are in different levels of spiritual journey and ultimately each of us will reach that goal. A wise seeker will take this opportunity of learning from his Master/scriptures and progress towards this path of self enquiry rather than being pulled in the mire of delusion and attachment.


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