5th Tapovanam Parayan- 07 May 2015

Sadguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai
I firmly believe that no one can go near Guru or do his work without HIS will. I am a Shirdi Sai devotee since a decade. The  Tapovan parayan was miraculously organised at my house on 7 May 2015.
Firstly in my house I am the only Sai devotee hence organising any Sai puja is always a challenge.Thanks to my Sai sisters who made it possible. I feel truly blessed by the whole experience which happened by HIS Divine will.

I did not even have the book with me but my Sai sisters made sure that whole parayan went on smoothly without break followed by bhajan and aarti. I am really grateful to BABA for giving me this opportunity from the core of my heart.
May our love for BABA grow by leaps and bounds so that we may be able to serve him better.
Sis Ruchi

2 thoughts on “5th Tapovanam Parayan- 07 May 2015

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