14 May 2015

When one faces hardships and struggle in life, one must cling and hold on to the Lord. To instil courage in an infant, its mother persuades it to walk a few steps and turn, but she won’t allow it to fall. If it totters and is about to lose balance, she hurries behind and catches it! The Lord too has His eyes fixed on each individual (jivi). He has in His hand the string of the kite, which is humanity! Sometimes He may pull it, and at other times He may loosen the grip! Whatever He does, be confident and carefree, for it is He who holds the string of our lives. That solid faith will fill us with the essence of love (prema-rasa). The string is the bond of love and grace and every individual (kite) is thus bound to the Lord. All; one must do is to walk the path so that the bond of love and grace is strong. So let us hold on to His hand being very confident and full of faith that whatever He does is for our best.

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