Sai Aradhana Mahotsavam- 24 April 2015


To commemorate our dearest Swami’s 4th Mahasamadhi day, various programs were held in Singapore for the past few days which culminated with the whole day devotional prayer sessions on the 24th April, Friday.

We were blessed to start the day with “Sai Sahasranamam’ (1008 names of Swami) in the morning at home. Later in the morning was fortunate to attend the Eka dasa rudra parayanam (Rudrabhishekam with chanting of 11 times Rudram) along with abhishekam of the Shiva lingam. The session was beautiful and divine.


Later after this I could do some seva at the centre. Many devotees were flowing throughout the day for offering flowers to Swami at a beautifully decorated altar. Evening was a lovely musical session followed by awesome bhajan session and closing with a soulful song which brought tears to most of the devotees seated. (Yaadein song)

The program came to a close with Swami’s discourse video clipping emphasising to see the Lord in each and every thing around us and at every moment every where.


Thus the 4th Sai Aradhana mahotsavam came to a close remembering the Lord and His glory. Hope we progress each day following His message and live our lives that way.

Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Babaji ki Jai


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