Tribute to the Master by the Saibalsanskaar team

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Dearest Swami,

We, Your children of the ‘Sai Bal Sanskaar’ team; offer You our gratitude and love on this most significant day of our lives; 24th April. You, the merciful Lord blessed us and chose us as Your humble instruments to do our bit for spreading the human values which has benefitted many readers and is spreading far and wide; and above all; You are helping us transform day by day through this blog. Thank You dearest Lord.

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By Your infinite mercy, SBS has spread its wings and is now in 8 Indian languages, 3 international languages including English.

The team members have beautifully and lovingly shared their gratitude for You.

Team Tamil- Aunty Saraswathy, Sister Ranjini

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We offer our humble pranams at the lotus feet of our beloved Swami.he had given us an opportunity to be a part of this great blog. Thanks Swami for this. It has brought an immense change in our thoughts and actions.when we read the morals of this stories and write them we really feel ,we should act in the way told in stories.we pray let the great Lord lead us in this path with good thoughts followed by actions keeping us away from “shat vairies” ie six enemies- Tamil team

Team Telugu- Sis Visala and Sis Prashanti

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Swami graciously blessed me with opportunity to translate English moral stories for children to telugu ( the language chosen by swami as mother tongue in this avatar )

What this service means to me :

It is only since 2011 I have been hearing or reading swami’s divine message. He always said ‘ my life is my message ‘and your life should be my message ‘

When someone in darshan said ‘ swami we love you ‘He quickly turned around and said ‘ love my message’

Well, it turned out to be true in my case. As by the time I was prepared to experience Swami ,he chose to move on to formless from form. I started getting attracted to his message more than his name and form .Slowly started realizing that urge or inspiration that came from within was conscience , direct from the indweller of my heart.

I always wanted to share these beautiful messages especially with my kid who never had darshan sparshan, sambhashana with Swami. Luckily I had darshan atleast , it’s easy to straighten a plant when it’s a tiny sampling rather than when it grows into a tree.So kids were always my priority as they can grasp everything and put it into practise.

Swami’s messages are universal apt for people of different ages and faiths. As and when i spoke with near and dear parents especially moms I would get restless hearing their issues with disciplining or dealing with kids and I knew in my own son’s case or as a matter for every situation , problem ,personality; only swami’s message is the ultimate mantra , medicine or tool. I tried my best to share excepts of swami speeches, sai inspires or radio sai links

All my attempts failed miserably! Swami always joked that , in our journey to touch the depths of silence to experience and enjoy the bless within us… First as soon as we know him we all become chatterjee ( chatting … All time spreading swami’s message no matter we ourselves follow or not ).Then we become banerjees( roaming around with banner of sai mission).And then slowly we become mukherjees… Silent. I always brushed this away saying i am not like that swami , will never do that. But realized I am no exception to this. I was getting desperate and pushing every mom I heard crying in pain to hear read or follow swami’s golden advise on parenting especially for kids.That’s when I was blessed to be aware of saibalasanskaar

Story telling is the most effective way to spread a message , it’s most convincing easier to comprehend that’s why swami chose to narrate Chinna kathas in between his discourses which are very short and cute at the same time that carry profound lessons of deep spiritual truths. Each story has a hidden human value like sathya dharma Shanthi prema and ahimsa.

Thank you swami for hearing my prayers and in response for blessing me with saibalasankaar website through which I am able to reach out lot of parents by sharing these wonderful human values based stories along with underlining sub values like confidence , cooperation , courage , honesty , truth etc

Many have responded saying they were inspired and touched reading them. After millions of futile attempts I made ignorantly at human level to share your message with family and friends, finally thanks to you for this precious wealth through which I am able to share your living message with family and friends everywhere.These stories are well written along with illustrations , values , sub values and morals reflected by them

Swami you wanted to make sure I myself do not get caught up in only moving on , in life just sharing all the time. You wanted to make sure I continue to make progress to evolve spiritually too , that’s when u graciously blessed me yet with another golden opportunity of translating stories into telugu especially the ONLY language you spoke in divine discourses you delivered. I am deeply touched and humbled for the opportunity and please bless me to be able to do my best. I always believe that we might read anything, over 100 times but writing one time will always help us to retain the knowledge longer and we will never forget it. That’s why I keep making notes of every program I hear in radio sai that inspires me, that way i remember them better .

By translating, obviously I read the story more than twice and write or type it .This way the stories are making deep impression in my mind and are helping me to deal with day to day life experiences, situations problems. The human values touched by the stories keep ringing in my mind and pop up as guidelines out of nowhere to pull me out through any crisis or difficult situation

Swami thank you so much for all these showers of love and please bless me with time , strength , determination , earnestness to keep going. Would love to thank saibalasankaar team for this opportunity to express my gratitude to dearest lord especially on the occasion of mahasamadhi which I always say is my true spiritual birthday

Loving sairams

Prashanti ( Florida )

Team Hindi- Sis Archana

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My most humble and reverential salutations at the divine lotus feet of my guru, guide and my best companion – Bhagwan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. On the occasion of the 4th Sai Aaradhana anniversary, I would like to offer a bouquet of flowers of gratitude to my dearest Lord for hand picking me, giving me the unique opportunity of translation Seva as prasadam and through constant guidance enabling me to offer it back to Him as Naivedyam. The Hindi blog has reached far and wide in a short span of time and I hope and pray that I continue with the Seva with a pure, selfless and devoted heart.

JSR Archana

Team Gujarati- Sis Jyoti, Sis Ila

My humble pranams at the lotus feet of Swami. Swami has said many a times in His discourse ‘Be Happy.’ So to show gratitude we have to be happy always. That way Swami will be happy also. Swami is always guiding and protecting us. We have to just ‘live’ His message of ‘Love All; serve All’ and ‘Help ever, Hurt never’.

Swami has given such a wonderful opportunity to translate stories of human values. I am really grateful for that. Thank You very much Swami for using me as a humble instrument.

Sis Jyoti

Team Oriya- Sis Sangeeta, Sis Prashanti

Baba,it is for you.

Swami,You gave me life and ushered in to your world,

Guarding in each step,holding my hand.

Whenever I slipped You spread your wings And carried forward with life’s teachings.

For sharing the same learnings You gave me pen and ink.

I shall pass forward to every being With your blessings,

Oh,Lord! king of kings.

At your lotus feet ,forever-  Sangeeta Mishra

Team Kannada- Sis Vasanti, Sis Savita

With humble gratitude We thank you Swami for putting us together as a team,

Because every story I translate transformation is happening in me from the values learnt in a subtle manner. My Pranams at thy feet- Sis Vasanti

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Thanking You Master for sending us amazing, dedicated sisters and some brothers as well for the translation work; each of whom are so committed and who love You.

Thanks to the entire SBS team

Tamil- Aunty Saraswathy/Sis Ranjini

Telugu- Sis Visala/Sis Prashanti/Sis Lakshmi

Hindi- Sis Archana

Marathi- Sis Shalaka

Gujarati- Sis Jyoti, Sis Ila

Malayalam- Sis Jyoti, Aunty Shanta, Bro Uday

Mandarin- Sai bro and sis of Malaysia

Swedish- Sis Amrita

Odiya- Sis Sangita, Sis Prashanti

Kannada- Sis Vasanti, Sis Savita

And last but not the least my dear spiritual friend Padmini for ever encouraging me and providing meaningful feedback and giving me daily dose of spirituality, and managing our English fb page and editing the English stories.

Owe my thanks also to the silent sevikas behind the scenes for many of the Indian languages who edit on the background and most importantly our readers who motivate us to do and serve better.

Swami, always have Your hands over the team and bless us to reach out to more and more audience and make a difference in us as well as others.

Love You, dearest Lord.

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